WHO Knew 5G Radiation Disrupts the Immune System and Cognitive Function

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WHO Knew 5G Radiation Disrupts the Immune System and Cognitive Function

In the above post - I discuss how radiation specifically low-intensity extremely-high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR) alters and disables the human immune system and how importantly crucial our immune-defenses are when it comes to fighting off pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections –

For example, a simple cold or flu can prove fatal to anyone with a compromised immune system (pneumonia), so whether it is Covid-19 or the common cold if your immune system isn’t functioning you will not be able to fight off the simplest of viral infections.

This radiation rabbit hole goes deep, because I have now also discovered that Radiation (EHF EMR) can radically affect human brain cognition, and as you will probably already be aware this is very serious, not only does Radiation (EHF EMR) strip us of our divine shield and armor that protects us from infectious pathogens, but it also robs us of our sanity and mental wellbeing.

Here is where I have to mention that there is not one facet of the brain or mind that is not affected by radiation, and this is all well documented because there have been countless studies on the adverse effects of Radiation and Electromagnetic radiation exposure on neurocognitive function i.e. memory, verbal/nonverbal, sustained attention, executive function, information processing speed, comprehension, behavior, sleep, etc.

Over the years I have often wondered if the world is going crazy or is it just me, you see I have long suspected radiation from phones must be having an effect on our brains, so for years I never put my mobile phone near my head, I always tend to use loudspeaker/headphone.

however, with all the research and studies that are readily available, I have now come to the realization that the scale of Electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR) we are all being exposed to is far greater than I could have ever imagined.

This soup of electromagnetic radiation has got denser and denser as 1G vs. 2G vs. 3G vs. 4G and 5G has been rolled.

It is no coincidence that since the rollout of this technology about 20/30 years ago, we have seen major increases in cancer cases and other diseases, don’t get me wrong there are other contributing factors such as toxins in the air, food, water supply, and vaccinations, etc. have all played a part in our deteriorating health over the years.

Now take into account that this hidden enemy that Trump speaks of has not only been systematically destroying our physical bodies and our immune defenses over the years but has been waging a war on our minds, literally dumbing us down.

Now think a large proportion of any given population, especially in urban environments, are having their immune systems compromised, so they will have difficulty fighting off any type of viral infections (bioweapon or not), then they are having their cognition impaired so there discernment and reasoning abilities become questionable and to top this all off we have a weaponized mainstream media (MSM) projecting nonstop disinformation and propaganda onto to the public at large.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has known all along about the adverse effects of low-intensity extremely-high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR) on human biology.
Relevant Links -

It is much worse because the (WHO) is just one of many layers in this asymmetrical warfare against mankind, first the WHO is a completely corrupted and broken organization, you only need to look at their current and deranged Director-General Tedros Adhanom who is one of the numerous players in this global web of corruption.

The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations another shady organization that is completely controlled by the hidden enemy (globalists) however the UN is another post altogether - please feel free to do research into the atrocities committed by UN peacekeepers in Africa - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/17/un-united-nations-peacekeepers-rwanda-bosnia

With Donald J Trump halting all US funding to the WHO, it now makes Bill gates officially there largest financial donor, in a previous post - https://steemit.com/informationwar/@blackrussian/the-plannedemic-shit-show
I cover the fact that Bill Gates is a key player in the global depopulation agenda, here is a site detailing the trail of destruction Bill gates and partners have left with their toxic vaccines -

The WHO is one head of what I can only describe as the beast from the sea in Revelation 13:1 because it is interconnected with a host of other global organizations that are supposed to oversee the worlds health issues but instead they are all working in unison to compound and exasperate any and all health issues our world has faced and is facing –

I have to reference an excellent researcher – Amazing Polly who has with her outstanding research eloquently deconstructed how the WHO (world health organization) CDC (center for disease control), PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), United Nations (UN), the global fund organization, the Gates foundation and a whole host of other funds and foundations are all interconnected in what I can only describe as a global criminal conspiracy that not only profits out of disease/illness but actively participates in its creation.
Below is a link to Amazing Polly.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has not only known about the health risks of EMF radiation on our minds and bodies since it’s rollout but are also key players in the global depopulation agenda.

Biological warfare appears to work in tandem with radiation exposure.
I suspect that these aforementioned organizations and their deep state partners have after years of researching and developing Bioweapons, which are in fact laboratory engineered pathogens, Viruses, bacteria, and funguses, have probably discovered and created some pretty nasty bugs.

However I know from my own research that it is a near-impossible feat to deliver highly contagious and infectious virus/pathogen to a populated environment, remember Hollywood movies are fantasy,
you see in actuality there are way too many variables and factors involved.
examples – if a viral pathogen is pumped into the open air, the temperature and humidity have to be perfect for that particular virus to be able to survive for any length of time, any adjustments in temperature and the virus in question will get destroyed, pathogens cannot survive if the environment is too hot or too cold, and especially if that said environment is exposed to direct sunlight.

Did you know Sunlight is the most powerful disinfectant known to mankind?

Most bioweapon experimentations were conducted in Africa, and the scientist behind this abhorrent research, quickly discovered airborne pathogens are made useless by the hot environment, so their viral bioweapons had to be administered orally via the water supply or injected directly into the bloodstream, why this is relevant is because it appears that nature by its very design hinders science best efforts to create the ultimate highly contagious/infectious airborne bioweapon.

The WHO and there deep state (hidden enemy) partners need some kind of delivery system, and although chemical weapons are being used against mankind in the shape of toxic additives to affect our immune systems, they cannot use strong chemical weapons because they are extremely difficult to deliver unless you put it into the payload of a dirty bomb which for obvious reasons they cannot do unless they can turn the whole world into a theatre war.

So what the hidden enemy has decided to do is to use the (EHF EMR) radiation being emitted from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G as a delivery system for their bioweapons, remember radiation affects cognition and knocks out the human immune system so we are then left virtually defenseless against any viral pathogen or bioweapon.

My thoughts on this (Covid-19) Corona Virus is that yes it probably does exist and yes it was more than likely created in a Bioweapons laboratory, however as far as I’m concerned it is no worse than any cold or flu and this Pandemic was a pre-planned event to bring in an Orwellian new world order tyrannical police state –
Now since I know it as fact that (EHF EMR) radiation lays the ground for biowarfare and disease, in terms of breaking down the human immune system and brain cognition, with popcorn ready, I had to go deeper down this rabbit hole, because I know Donald J Trump, Q, the patriots, and anons must be already fully aware of the dangers of 5G technology and surprise, surprise an anon directed me to a Tweet -

I remember seeing this tweet back in 2017, I didn’t know what Trump meant by Covfefe however I did know it was something cryptic.

Cryptic it most certainly is? You see Trump is thousands of steps ahead, he knows all about the dangers of EMF radiation from 5g and 6g technology and he has the solution which is Covfefe Magnets.

Cobalt vanadium stainless steel, Hiperco 50, Hiperco50, Hiperco 50A, Wrought Iron-Cobalt High Magnetic Saturation Alloy, UNS. R30005, K926501, 1J22, Permendur 49, Supermendur, 2V-Permendur, 49Fe-49Co-2V, Vanadium Permendur, Permendur 2V, N690CO, N690, FeCoV, CoVFe, CoVFeFe, VCoFe, FeVCo, VACODUR 50, VACOFLUX 48, VACOFLUX 50, Vicalloy

Several years ago I was introduced to Orgonite and Shungite as ways to remove the negative effects of EMF radiation from an environment and I discovered it actually works, and this type of technology is very similar to Covfefe magnets in that it not only removes radiation but it creates a very positive electromagnetic environment – I will be writing a post about Covfefe magnets, Shungite and Orgonite, etc. – in the meantime please research Orgonite, Covfefe and Shungite you will not be disappointed.

As far as I’m aware none of these types of safety measures or precautions have been put into place to protect the public from the harmful radiation being emitted from 5G.

I do know Potus Donald Trump is procuring the necessary materials to make sure that anywhere that 5G/6G is installed in the US, this type of specialized radiation dispersing technology will have to be put up in close proximity so no harm will come to the public, however, I suspect that Trump has left the door open for the people to not only familiarise themselves with this technology and how it works but to stand up against the Telecommunication companies, local councils, and governments that have illegally allowed this type of technology to be installed in populated areas knowing full well of the dangers it presents to human biology –

I’m in the UK and in the above link is a court case where a Mark Steele took his local council to court for putting up 5G technology knowing that the radiation would cause harm and he WON.

I believe it will not be long before the world comes to the realization had it not been for Trump, we would all be living in a hell on earth, and I do not say this lightly –

Donald J Trump has and is doing his part in this great awakening and I will eternally be grateful, however, we the people must do our part. WWG1WGA

Remember this lockdown is not about “the virus” anymore


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