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The picture above shows Bill Gates on the left who I will talk more about later in this post, the guy laughing in the middle is Dr. Francis Collins (National Institutes of Health Director) I’m not so much interested in him, perhaps I should be? However, it is the guy on the right who has caught my attention Dr. Anthony Fauci (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director).

The reason Dr. Fauci is of interest to me is not only because of his colorful past and his close connection to all the usual bad actors but because Donald J Trump appears to be shining a spotlight on him.

Personally I’m of the school of thought that this whole global Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic was planned and then put into motion many years ago, and had Trump not been elected Potus, we would be facing a much more dire situation/scenario I.e. forced vaccinations, a complete totalitarian police state, etc, if you think things look sketchy now imagine if the child-murdering Hillary Clinton was in office.

I’m in no doubt that Donald J Trump is showing Dr. Fauci to the world on purpose, because when you take a good look at him I.e. his history, his associates, connections and listen to what he has and is saying, this guy stinks and could possibly be the worst hack job the deep state has brought out thus far, I almost feel sorry for him until it dawns on me that this guy has been a key player in the global depopulation agenda and has probably played a part in the deaths of god only knows how many people.

In short, this guy Dr. Fauci is a fraud and a snake oil salesman, I will even go as far as saying that since he became an (MD) medical doctor in 1966, I bet he has never saved even one human life in his entire career as a vaccine pusher and creator, do the research and you will quickly discover that Dr. Fauci is in the business of death and cares not about health or the sanctity of life.

The Hegelian dialectic

I personally accept that there is an actual Corona Virus (COVID-19) and I accept it was probably created in a bioweapons laboratory, and I also accept that high levels of RADIATION released from 5G and other sources could also be the cause of the flu-like symptoms that are being mistaken for this coronavirus, however, I do not accept, believe or trust a word or a picture from the mainstream media because they are a key part of this Problem.

if you are not already aware that the mainstream media purposely and systematically deceives there audiences on a daily basis, then so help you, God, because the sole purpose of the now weaponized mainstream media is to make sure whatever the problem is that the hidden enemy is pushing, they the MSM must make sure the Reaction to that problem is magnified to such a negative extant that it exasperates a high level of fear, that would coerce the audience or the public into accepting any Solution.

– remember Donald J Trump said he would not allow the Cure to be worse than the disease.

Believe it or not, the solution that the hidden enemy had in store for us all in regards to this COVID-19 global virus Planned-Demic was to give us all highly toxic vaccinations.

In case you were not aware apart from being the high priest embodiment of the eugenics cult, Bill Gates has spent his entire life preparing for the moment where he could unleash his poisonous vaccines on the populations of the world, if you don’t, believe me, please do the research on Bill Gates and you will quickly discover the only Solution he has for any and all human ailment/disease including this new coronavirus is vaccines.

Donald J Trump is not only publicly outing all the Bad actors in this coronavirus pandemic shit show he is also laying bare the complicity of the MSM and all the fake journalists involved in the hidden enemies warped plan, which is clearly being foiled and deconstructed in front of our very eyes.

Above is a picture of the lead actress of this Plannedemic Shit Show – Blinking Dr. Deborah Birx, make no mistake she is deep state bad actor, and from where I’m eating my popcorn it looks as though she has finally copped on that this will be her final casting, you see the hidden enemies plans are all being completely exposed, the MSM who have been spreading fear, panic, and chaos have been exposed, those who want you vaccinated exposed!

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