Our Man Flynn v James Bond 007

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Our Man Flynn v James Bond 007

Our Man Flynn wipes the floor with James bond, and in actuality, there is no real comparison between the two, because 007 is obviously a fictional character whereas General Flynn is the real deal.

You see Hollywood through the literature of Ian Fleming has portrayed an image that the UK's secret intelligence services have these super special secret agents, and to a certain degree I accept that there probably are some fully-abled ex-military personnel working in MI5 or MI6, however, I can tell you now the UK does not have anyone who comes remotely close to the likes of General Flynn.

I don’t say this lightly, and this is not meant to be disrespectful in any way to the British armed forces or their intelligence services, they have the SAS and SBS who do have a well-respected reputation, however, our man Flynn is a former US Intelligence Special Ops General.

The reason I compare General Flynn to a spymaster/super-secret agent is that apart from being a true patriot, for all intents and purposes, this is what he appears to be, at the same time as being a soldier.

You see Our Man Flynn has a very special skill set, not only can he operate in the field, he has the skills to control the field, so the more I research what happened to him in terms of his lawyers, the FBI/DOJ, etc.
I realize this guy was on a Mission because as far as I’m concerned there’s no way he didn’t know that he was going to feel the full wrath of the deep state by getting involved with the Trump team.

So if I’m correct that General Flynn was in fact fully aware that the criminal deep state was going to stitch him up at any cost, surely a man of his military intelligence background would have out of necessity had contingency and countermeasures in place.

Personally I’m not buying this story about him getting fooled, played, and set up by his lawyers, the FBI, and DOJ.

I think Flynn actually fooled, played and set them up, and this would explain why he has been exonerated even though he pled guilty, you see his efforts have legitimately confirmed what we already knew about the crazy levels of criminality and corruption in the DC swamp.

What our man Flynn has pulled off is similar to a secret agent going deep into the heart of enemy territory and hiding a nuclear bomb under one of their key logistical support structures and then getting out to wait for the right time to press the detonation switch.

You have to give it to our man Flynn because it takes a certain type of moxie to have been able to pull off his part in the Plan, he knew from the offset that he and his family’s world was going to be turned upside down and inside out, talk about being able to patiently hold your nerve in the heat of battle.

Q has told us on many occasions that these people are stupid, which they most certainly are if they thought they could take down a duly elected US president, I wonder what they thought about Our man General Flynn? who by the way is backed by one of the biggest digital armies to have ever been assembled.

I hope you have your popcorn ready because the deep states' house of cards is about to be brought down.
I can only imagine the levels of panic in DC.

“What a beautiful black sky“


We Hope You Enjoyed


Please check out this link on about how our #informationwar tag is going to die off on the Steem chain eventually. Due to the sen-so-reship by J S--(UN) against @truthforce and other truthseekers


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