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RE: An 11-Year-Old Boy Died of Flu Complications Despite Getting the Vaccine — How Does That Happen?

It used to be that if you wanted to make a claim, especially about health matters, there had to be some logic behind the arguments.

For instance, excuses are made about the flu vaxx that it cannot counter the current flu as efficiently as it should, because the strain alters year by year. In other words, the vaxx is mostly created to fight the previous flu season, not the current.

If the above is used as an argument to claim we should not use the flu vaxx, then we are attacked for being anti-vaxxers and anti science.

Good luck at making this post - and I hope you do many more that examine life as it is and not as we want to pretend it is.


cleaver for those mass murderers hiding behind alleged science

Even worse, to me, are those who know the science, but keep quiet out of fear of not being thought pc.

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