Best Analysis of Impact of Soleimani Hit

I could never understand how Iran, a third rate power without a modern airforce or tanks, with a relatively small, oil dependent economy and catastrophic fertility, was able to threaten the world and murder with impunity (including US citizens) for 40 years.

It was always obvious to me that the best way to deal with Iran's asymmetric warfare via proxies and terrorism was to hit Iran directly for every attack carried out by its proxies.

As an Israeli, it annoyed me that we continued to have wars against Hamas & Hizbollah without punishing Iran directly and eliminating the cause of the problem.

Finally President Trump has cut through the idiotic DC group think that treated Iran as if it were the USSR - too strong and nuclear armed to attack directly.

Iran is weak & Trump has destroyed their 40 year asymmetric strategy for exporting their hateful and murderous Islamist revolution.

Hopefully Israel will adopt this new Trump doctrine and hit Iran hard for every rocket fired at Israel.

Israel's missile defence systems should be used to free the IDF to act more aggressively against Iran and its proxies to permanently eliminate the threats, not to defensively sit under their umbrella and manage them, while allowing tens of thousands of children near Gaza to be traumatised.

Trump has shown the way.

Below is an excellent analysis that sees things the way I do.

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tbh - before his death i never really heard of this guy. European media only knows the Khomeni and Ahmadineschād. But i was crazy to see WW3 trending right after new year.

His name cropped up over and over if one was watching the region really closely and outside of mainstream sources who are worse than useless for almost everything in this region.

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While I believe that Soleimani is dead, it bothers me that the rings don't match up. Wish they would provide more compelling proof.

Wow.... good eye.

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