The Korean War - Facts You Need to Know

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Just one war crime unspoken about in the media for no good reason.

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"We killed off... 20 percent of the population"
~Air Force General Curtis Lemay
Head of the Strategic Air Command

U.S. planes dropped 635,000 tons in bombs
U.S. planes dropped 32,557 tons of napalm

North Korean fighters and allies: 398,000 - 750,000+ dead and 145,000+ missing

Korean Civilian Casualties:
2.5 million
1.5 million from the DPRK - North Korea

Some of the Material Damage:
75% of Pyongyang was destroyed

Historian says that Bio warfare was used against communist forces

U.S. bombers with nuclear arms were deployed

Sources: TeleSUR compilation from: Office of US Air History, The Korean War: A History, BBC, Ministry of National Defense of Republic of Korea.

The next time any US person, official or civilian, starts talking about war crimes, humanitarian intervention, other peoples' wrongdoing, or anything related to human race on this planet ask them when they'll pay the compensations to the Korean people, then the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and then pull up the very long list of 'regime change' wars they carried out by black-ops, proxies, or direct invasion and military intervention, then they can have any right to talk about anything related to the human race.


Please check out this link on about how our #informationwar tag is going to die off on the Steem chain eventually. Due to the sen-so-reship by J S--(UN) against @truthforce and other truthseekers

I didn't know about this war. so this is why the North Koreans hate the USA, interesting. thank you for sharing this.

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