Your job is to pummel the internet with two words – MILITARY TRIBUNALS Says Qanon+ which is Trump

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This post has a screen shot from the website called , that has the following permissions for us truth warriors. 

Please feel free to post this full article compilation or select articles that resonate with your community.

Source : URL :

Here is a truth. I got the notice about this from National Liberty Alliance, which is a source for information that I have over the last two years learned to trust. They  have an extremely large depository of Books, Articles and Documents about our American History, Tradition and Culture. Now that we know that Qanon+, which is supposed to be Trump; is going the Military Tribunals route and asking for:

Your job is to pummel the internet with two words


The following video is a joy to listen too as We The People can and will be involved in putting down this rebellion. The Republic will survive. So after you visit and of course call your stock broker for a copious bundle of stock in rope sit back and whatch the video below. Than you can take a copy of my screen shot or go take your own and start blasting the internet with the news. We are going to get to see some perp walks soon.

Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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Be careful what you wish for. If it gets to be normalized for citizens to be pulled before these tribunals it will be misused as the laws already are.

So when you take office are you a citizen?

Instead of just doubting, how about you check it out in as much as you are able.

If this is true " will be misused as the laws already are." how will finding out what is going on and what the law actually is harm you.

I don't want blindness, I want people to do their due diligence. Is why I provided links to the information.

P.S mans law is always an abuse.

Not sure what you are asking here?

So when you take office are you a citizen?

It would seem yes based on the fact so many are even "dual" citizens.

My fear here is of the slippery slope that I have continued to watch for decades. Through the ongoing war on terror (that seems like it is a war on citizens) laws have been passed over the decades stripping us more of our right to constitutional protections. A trial applied to citizens under such a court would not be due process, nor a trial by ones peers. Not going to go in depth at how the ability to reach guilty verdicts are easier in these courts to be railroaded, but would urge you to look into what happened when Lincoln instituted the same tribunals on citizens.

Seems to me that there are plenty of laws on the books that address the crimes in existing courts, and one would be better off asking why the DOJ is not making arrests and trying them in this manner.

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