X22Report claims that to fix the system it must come down. Crypto

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So the following information was gathered from the National Liberty Alliance website. Which really just means I found a link to X22Report's YouTube channel and copy and pasted this information here so that all the information that is important to the US is displayed. If you know me you know that I always try to provide a source and a link to it for my readers. In watching this X22Report video I was a bit surprised at the claims being made about just how bad the economy is. Evidently there is a real purpose to getting people off of food stamps, that has nothing to do with lazy bums, but I think it is very well explained in the video so I'll let people watch or not as they please.

The general tenor of the video is that in order to fix the system it has to come down and it will be replaced by a knew and better system.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll believe it when I see it? One thing I think might be a really good idea for people to do is check out Crypt o Currency cause I have a feeling that it will have something to do with the knew system. One thing is true that today's world changes at a much faster pace and getting ahead of the curve is important for success. Just in case you don't know that crypt o has exchanges that will provide you with 4.08% daily interest on your stored crypto. The freebitco.in banner is below the video. 

Published on Aug 5, 2018

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