Who got mad if it wasn't you? The corner stone of the informationwar

My daughter is 7 years old and still doesn't know that she creates her own emotions. I often think this is not only the corner stone of the informationwar we are in, but also the world view difference. The question "Who got mad if it wasn't you?", can be asked in a lot of ways. The key to comprehending how our society was built is in comprehending that we create our own emotions and are the soul force operating our bodies. Not only do we create our own emotions, but we arbitrarily decide how much we like or dislike nouns. If you remember what a noun is "Person, Place or Thing" than you know that we arbitrarily decide how much we like or dislike everything. 

You see my reader, the truth is that the physical world is not dependent upon what we decide to feel about it.

What is dependent upon the physical world, is our world view, which is dependant upon truth, which all education is based on. We human beings require something outside of our own existence that exist no matter how we feel so that we have something to work with that doesn't turn into smoke from moment to moment. Smoke in this case represents the arbitrary emotional values we assign to things. That how much we like or dislike something is not static and will not remain the same from moment to moment, but turn to smoke as one moment we want ice cream and the next a bowl of cereal is obvious.

Knowing that something is wrong doesn't fix the problem unless you know specifically what it is that is wrong. So #familyprotection and #informationwar warriors if we want a society that operates in law we each have to overcome our likes and dislikes and learn about the law. Here in America we have Committee's of Safety whose sol purpose is to gather the will of We The People and put forth the law. They do so by first sharing the history, culture and tradition and operating along side the system as the forth arm of power here in America.  

It is necessary and needful to learn about the history, culture and traditions that the law originates from. It is necessary and needful for We The People to be involved. National Liberty Alliance has a free civics course they provide for there members. Cost nothing to join or take the courses. The really sad thing here is that it cost everything to ignore our history, culture and tradition. Organized Criminal Cartel's can only operate in a environment of ignorance of the law and cannot function if We The People know the law. Want to close down CPS learn the law thereby changing the environment from one of ignorance to one of knowledge. 

The power to govern ourselves requires that we decide to take it up and put it forth.

In truth the fact that we have agencies feeding off of the public trough, but not for filling their obligation to support and defend the Constitution as a condition of accepting resources from that same public trough is proof that we cannot govern ourselves from an environment of ignorance.  

The Censoring is not private, but being done by bad Actors of the Deep State. is a perfect example showing the same thing. When I was in high school everyone new that censorship was against the law.  Everyone new it so no one did it. The fact of the matter is that I don't see any evidence that these people (Social Media) don't know censorship is against the law. In fact I see a lot of evidence that they are actually trying to overthrow the government from within. The knowledge to over throw a government for the people and by the people, requires that they know the law. Which means that it is true sedition and treason. Not a incorrect comprehension or a mix up.  

Only bad actor's who seek a condition the truth will not provide, seek to use censorship to change peoples perception. If the bad actors desire was good for our society there would be no need to obfuscate or deny truth.  The system would in the course of time supply that which was good for the society based on the truth of its goodness. When things are not right for society and are harming society we as a society need the truth for a solution to what is wrong. In truth what is wrong is that not enough of the individuals in our society know how the society works (Law).

Take that free civics course at National Liberty Alliance.

All photos are from Pixabay.com. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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