Very miss leading is the idea that we should "Just Follow the Money".

One of the very real problems in exposing the criminal behavior's of the various Agents of the various Agencies is the mix up as to who is responsible for the crimes. Let me make myself very clear here. Agencies do not exist as anything more than a paper tiger. They are all names of organizations of people. The people are the actors and not the Agencies. So what is happening is those who are exposing the criminal behavior are claiming essentially that a piece of paper committed a crime. The truth is far simpler and much more direct. The criminal may work for one or more Agencies, but the criminal is the responsible party.

The Agent is the living being who committed the crime.

What I would like to see is people start using the names of the criminals and only in passing mention what Agency or Agencies they are associated with. The cross hair's must be on the Crime, Agent and not zeroed in on a piece of paper. The law breaking and the law breaker needs to be the main focus when exposing these crimes. There is a very real reason why this will actually lead people down the rabbit whole. You see, a saying that has been very miss leading is the idea that we should "Follow the Money". This does work however only if the names of those who are committing the crimes are followed in conjunction with where the money goes. Money has the same existence as all paper tigers. It cannot without a living breathing being go anywhere on its. own. So lets focus on the actions that amount to criminal behavior and not the none existent paper tigers that cannot act as inanimate objects.

There is one other very important fact I would like to share with my informationwar writers. The one thing that we do know is that these Bad Actor's are not working in a vacuum. Not only do their colleagues know what they are doing, but the Main Stream Media either knows or is deliberately hearing no evil, seeing no evil and or not reporting the evil. This makes them complicit in the crimes being committed and proves they are derelict in there duty as a constitutional protected service to the public.  

As you know for this to actually be the case their must be some evidence showing that :

  1. They knew. 
  2. They had a chance to do there own due diligence.
  3. They could have reported it, but did not.

One thing that could be done is the holding of the feet to the fire.

We can find out who did what and compile the evidence. Once the evidence is complied it can be sent to both the reporter's and the Publishers through certified mail. When such is received there is now court evidence to the crime and the complicity thereof. There would also be the evidence necessary for showing the dereliction of duty to the constitution, which by the way in my opinion is Treason Sedition and in many cases makes them complicit in murder or crimes against humanity. The exact same strategy can be used with Judges and political leaders. Making it publicly known that they know not only of the crime, but what there choice was in regards to the crime, is paramount to truth creating the motivation for right action.

In the case of #familyprotection members writing about problems from Agencies like CPS. One should always make sure that they have the full name of the Agent and state in every case the full name of the Agent who is committing the acts. That way the Agent knows that it is there acts that will be determined was a crime. Stating to the Agent that you only see them and not CPS can't hurt. Half the reason why there is a problem is the very real ignorance that not realizing as an actor that it is the acts (Agents commit) that constitute a crime. CPS as a paper tiger has no way to commit a crime, but the Agent does as a living being have the ability to commit a crime. You demonstrating that you know this and making such clear with the agent that you know this is as important as making it clear in your post who is committing the crimes. This creates a record of the crimes that are court submit-able documents. It is a crime for them to threaten to take your children. So remember to have some way to record conversations.

Another very important thing for people to do is get an education about our history, culture and traditions. At National Liberty Alliance one can join and take their free civics course. Just click the link to get started.

National Liberty Alliance.

All photos are from Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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Agree completely. If people realize they will become held accountable and known for their evil actions some will think twice before being cold hearted assholes to the others in their community.

This is very true and thanks for your comment! I appreciate it.

This is very true
And thanks for your comment! I
Appreciate it.

                 - aconsciousness

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

it is always an individual that makes a decision to give an evil order, commit an evil act, or cover up an evil act

nicely written

You make some very valid points here. Documentaion of who, what, where and when is extremely important in any court case.

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I remember being upset when they changed editing to after pay out you can't edit anymore. This actually might be an advantage our Steemians can use in court as their post are permanent records. I will have to remember to mention that in another post.


Great idea. A lot of newbies probably don't realize that. Heck took me a while to figure it out. LOL

yes, this is very excellent work, only by going after those particular bureaucrats who abuse the power of their office can we root out corruption. You don't shut down ICE, you go after bad agents or contractors who are not following the rules. You should always ask the name of anyone in the government or a business for that matter that you are dealing with, you never know, you might want to commend them on a job well done.

Thanks. You could write something along the same lines. So we can get the idea's out! That I think is what is important. Whether people decide to use them or not!

I have been planning to write a piece about my recent dealings with local government but I have not got around to it yet, I actually want to call the kid in the Mayor's Office or his boss to give them a kudos first.

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