Jim Willie the Golden Jackass on X22Report

Jim Willie is supposed to be an expert on the Gold, Silver Currency market and he shares, that we had better get back into gold. Either by ownership and leasing or we will become a third world country. Another claim made by Jim is something that I have noticed too. Even people who are just trying to exist without really finding out what is up, are starting to noticed not only the censorship, but also the fact that Government sources as far as the economy is concerned is basically fraud. There not just not telling us the truth, but to avoid the backlash they would get from the truth they are Lying.

He shares his own experience with his father.

He thinks the fact that even his father is noticing things and based on this experience, thinks that in general people are awakening. In fact his experience with his farther is and has been my experience with my own family. So people can even have read books like 1984, but they do not connect up the story in 1984 with the slow gradual change we have seen over the last hundred years. One can even say since the Federal Reserve act. 

Of course if  you do your due diligence you will discover this has been going on for a very long time. In the U.S it has basically been going on all through its history. One can see this with the Original 13th Amendment, which was most likely the last Amendment made law by ratification. Some people have connected the Catholic Church and famous people like  Galileo Galilei's with this Cabal, which would make this at least 500 years old. With out further ado here is the X22Report and a link to Jim Willie Website for your preview. 

X22Report Spotlight
Published on Aug 4, 2018

Today's Guest: Jim Willie  Website: Golden Jackass http://www.goldenjackass.com/

To Prepare For The Transition The US Must Source Gold Or We Fall Into A 3rd World Nation:Jim Willie

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