Is it Firefox or Microsoft that wont let me post on commonlaw in steemit / The Mechanics of Deception/ Military Tribunals.

Well now last night I got the word through an email from Jan at National Liberty Alliance. In that email was a lot of links. The one that fired me up I struggled to post on steemit last night. I finely got it to post and it is all jacked up. So me being me I tried to edit the post and steemit won't let me log in on the post so I can edit. This is frustrating and because of what is going on it is also kind of suspicious. So I spent hours trying to use other browesers. The only one that seemed to work properly was Tor. Brave has always been a problem. 

Now recently I have had some rather long updates from Microsoft.

So I thought the problem may be from that. So I went to do a system restore and low and behold it won't let me go past the last update. So every since last night I cannot post or even comment on @commonlaw . Looks like  @practicalthought got through and posted his thought's of caution. Well in a way I agree with him and yet it seems like he is identifying oath bound Officials as citizens and that is just not the case at all. Usually I would just post a screen shot so you could read his comment for your self, but as luck would have it nothing is working right on my computer, and neither is Steemit. At least not for me.  So instead here is the link to the post.

The following exerpt is from :

I would like to apologize for the lengthy and somewhat overwhelming  amount of detail in this write-up. Contrary to common belief, the truth  is rarely concise, pure, and never simple. As Proverbs 1:2-7  implies, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding does require an  investment of time and effort. in the spirit of full disclosure, I was  not paid to produce this research and I am not affiliated with  democratic or republican circles. My objective in writing this posting  was to provide the layman reader not otherwise versed in intelligence  gathering and analysis techniques with basic facts and insight so that  they can form their own educated opinions on the matter. 

Source :The Illustrated Primer Patriots For Truth

Article : The Mechanics of Deception At the bottom of this excerpt is a link to the full article and I share it below.


So in truth we all can not only read this article, but we can use our own critical thinking and follow the links to the sources and verify and confirm the truth or falsity of the claims being made. Now someone is going to say, but you haven't done all of your due diligence and your helping put out on the internet  

Military Tribunals.

Yep you got that right. Let me say this.

We know that many of the people in Official positions are criminals, because the Law is written down and we can see that they are not following the law. The law remains written down and in truth this means when this all is said and done we will still be able to tell if the law is being followed. The truth is either this is a lawful and legal attempt to bring the rule of law back to America or it is just another coup attempt. Honestly I don't think we are going to know until the dust clears. 

We do however have to go by what we know now. Anyone who watched the many hearings knows about the criminal behavior of the officials in power. If your one of those officials of course you are going to muddy the waters with loud protestations. The thing people should remember is the illegal and unlawful conduct of those Officials when testifying. So we know that these criminals have to be brought to justice and we know that they are all through the system. They are not citizen's and it is funny the level of ignorance one has to live in to think that they are.

When you become a Official you take an Oath to protect and defend the constitution and absolutely subject to the same jurisdiction. There is no question about the Oath as it is Law that Officials take it and not taking it is an act of war against We The People.

Here is another thought. You see the only Court in the United States that cannot be reviewed is the Grand Jury. The findings of a Grand Jury supersedes all other Courts. So at some point a Grand Jury will be convened to review and correct any wrongs done to Citizens if any. So Military Tribunals will not be the final word unless the crime was so bad that rope is used. In fact this is happening even now with cases at National Liberty Alliance. One can go to their website and click on the Grand Jury Tab it will make sense from there where to go.

So in these situations it is always a catch 22. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. If I am going to be Dammed however I want at least the opportunity to see these criminals get what they knew was coming for the criminality. That isn't going to happen if we just sit back and say wait and see. That is why I provide links and constantly ask that my reader do their own due diligence. The The Mechanics of Deception is full of the kind of information that can be checked and help us all make informed decisions about what is going on. So that is what I am asking my reader's to do. Do your own due diligence!!!

All photos are from Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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Did you ever get these issues resolved and have you figured out which app is causing the problem with Steemit post editing?

I can kind of understand, both sides.

What I am reading from @practicalthought is, that individuals personnel by and large are property of US. This is drilled into their heads more then upholding constitution.

Where as be mindful that 40-60% cannot name three branches of government. Even worse, cannot name amendment that gives them freedom of speech. As you say, liberation through education. Yet, until then expect the personnel to carry out orders from masters.

On the other hand violating oath is treason. Who is going to enforce treason upon treasonous personnel? Would even a grand jury at that point be effective?

Im just wondering out loud here.

But my thought is very troubling if true, obviously this nation did not learn one damnable thing during civil war and thereafter.

Try clearing cache on firefox? Might resolve some issue there.
If not try using a free gui linux distro.

Ps if this info that NLA has published is based off Q or any variant of Q, please rethink validity of Q. Its fake. Q is fake.

Which Q. The website, the Qanon or Qanon+. The very real problem is the disinformation that is prevalent all over the internet and this is why I am calling for people to do their due diligence. I have done a lot of due diligence when it comes to the NLA. However I still don't just believe in things that I cannot verify and confirm and no one should.

So we have to use the sources we have and our own critical thinking?


Is the sitting president in a pickle?

Does he have a constitutional duty in regards to the censorship especially seeing as how it is only three months to the elections?

Does it matter if Q is fake, if it can be used to get the word out? One must remember that all sources are corrupt, don't you think?

Why wouldn't anyone in the predicament of our current President use a known name to get the word out?

How would you get the word out through current sources?

Is it going to corrupt peoples minds to do there own due diligence?

Might the information serve to wake more people up faster than ever before?

If it is wrong will anyone die from doing their due diligence?

Is worrying about egg on my face, justify remaining silent?


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