Do you have anything you'd like to buy or sell? You may want to check out our Marketplace. :)

Hey everyone. You may or may not know that we at the IFC recently opened up a Marketplace where people can buy/sell anything as long as it's available and not illegal.

You could think of it sort of like EBay or Craigslist but for steem, and I know there's a few others doing similar things already, though.. We have our own community and we're not really trying to compete with anyone else.. We're just doing "us" and trying to grow in ways we think will be helpful. :)

So far we've already had quite a good amount of deals/transactions in our Marketplace, with people selling all different kinds of items and services. We have over 20 shops already and we're just getting started!

If you're interested in using The Marketplace it primarily works in two ways right now. One is through our discord channel where we have a buy/sell room and member rooms for sellers to set up shop, and also it works here on steemit by just using the #informationfinding tag.

We have around 150 people on our discord channel and I think it's only a matter of time until we have hundreds, and perhaps some day even thousands.. So eventually we will probably get a website/app as well because I think at some point discord will be not be enough to handle the greater numbers of people.

We're also looking at an SMT as well, though.. In due time and if there ever becomes enough of a demand, we'll see what happens.

The main reason I'm writing/typing this blog post is because.. I want to bring more people in, of all kinds who are interested. Though.. I think what we need most right now are buyers.

There's still plenty of room if you wanna set up shop or sell or whatever. However, right now I really wanna focus on trying to bring more people in to buy from our merchants since we already have over 20 shops.

So.. Do you need anything? Most of our merchants accept steem and SBD!

We have numerous artists willing to do custom art, jewelry stores, tutors, researchers, card readers, music, clothes, toys, and more! We even have one store renting some really nice property out in Florida!!

I'm probably forgetting numerous things, though we have a lot already! I'd highly suggest stopping by and having a look if you're interested. :)

Link to our discord will be below, once you get in scroll down on the left bar to find The Marketplace and Marketplace Member rooms for our merchant shops!


Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

Click to enter the Discord Chat room!

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That is pretty awesome !! How’s the exchange done ? It is safe ?

so far I've gotten a medicine card reading and also purchased a ring that was sent to my home, transactions for those were done through my wallet here on steemit, i personally think it's safe, but definitely use your discretion any time you are making am online purchase! I've been pleased so far, and am looking into a few other shops to purchase a few other things😁

Word! I think so too. :) And to answer your questions.. It's all done P2P or Person to person, we don't get involved in the deals at all unless there's something illegal happening and then we'll try to discourage it in whatever way we can.

So.. Next question, Is it safe? I guess it depends on who you decide to do business with, however so far we have not had to give out any "red flags" or warnings yet and there have been no complaints.

We have had a lot of happy customers and no issues or problems yet, so.. I assume you have a high probability and likelihood of it going well. :)

I've purchased card readings, art, gift cards! I mean it's like anything it's started with just our community and essentialy it's built from trust/blockchain! If you can work those two together you can have something magical! Hopefully the @IFC can be that for lots of us!

Trust is difficult but I’ll gice it a try

Resteemed. :) I hope we can grow the marketplace even more! But I also agree that we need more buyers at this point, however, seeing as how many shops their are. :P

Thanks for the resteem lilcoffeekitty! And yeah, me too. It's one of my major priorities and focuses right now. Especially as the first IFC season is coming to an end, I want to try to get more and more buyers in there to the Marketplace to help the merchants out! I can't see the future, but I'm optimistic about it all. :)

I have a lot of my art Id like to sell. :D

Cool! What kind of art do you do? We'd be happy to have you in our Marketplace if you'd like to be there. :)

Drawing, Acrylic painting and working on preselling pins to make an order soon! Going to dive more into digital art as well!

Really cool artwork! I like your style. The Trump ones made me laugh. I dunno what your prices are like, but if they are reasonable I think you might get some extra jobs/work/clients in our Marketplace. It is still a lil slow as we're just getting started but we've already had quite a few deals and a few merchants are just banging out order after order.. So.. If you're interested or have any questions about how it works feel free to ask and I'll try to help. :)

Is it similar to steembay?

I haven't used steembay before, but I've heard of it and I'd say yeah it's similar. It's kind of like an EBay/Craigslist for steem.

I'm going to do some reading through your posts and try putting something up today :D

My fiancee was talking to me about it @lilcoffeekitty. I'm on the discord channel now. What do I need to do to apply for a marketplace?

Oops. Missed this cause I'm super behind on my message on steemit, just found it. Hopefully I answered the question.

Oi! Sorry for the super delayed response. I'm really behind on my messages on steemit and there's probably some other important ones I'm missing.. But I just saw this one as I was looking for something else.
If you wanna set up a shop, all you need to do is ask me and I'll set one up for you. :) Well.. I guess Technically what you need is to be able to offer something, a product or service, whether for sale or you can donate as well. But if you want a shop, you need to offer something to the peoples.

Awesome man. I'll send you a message on discord.