Find out top contributors for your Steemit posts (From start to till date)

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Today i found a new website which is enough to show you all description of any Steemit users. I was searching something about Steemit payouts function, powerdown functions and then i saw this website and i am totally satisfied with it. You would feel proud after knowing that this website has been developed by our one Steemit friend @magicmonk. I have checked my top 1000 contributors and many more details about me and i think you should try once. First have a look in the top 15 bots and whales who has upvoted me for my contribution after that i will elaborate some more detais about this website.


I had contributed 46 posts in utopian in translation, bug-hunting, suggestions and tutorials and got rewards $710 it is quite big but it is without payouts i think. If i forget bid upvotes then there are many who has upvoted to my contribution and they are @good-karma, @s4s, @firepower etc.

As i said it is developed by :


Easy to use for all just need to enter the Steemit username and you will have your desire results. All details in proper way and clearly visible. There are a good option to fillter your query date wise too.

Anyone can check following details and its subdetails by clicking on given tabs as in bellow image :


I appreciate efforts of my friends @magicmonk for developing this website hence sharing it here and wish him all the best!!.

Here is website link as

Thanks in advance for all !!



Interesting website @face2face. I have seen this website before. But if we had used smartsteem or minnowbooster then it is quite difficult to identify the organic votes.

Right! But now organic upvote or organic foods are. not available easily 😂

Yes that is true. 😀

Interesting website. Thanks for sharing