Dandelion Flower Philosophy - Beautiful, Beautiful and Full of Meaning

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Life will be very valuable, when your life is like a dandelion, dandelion philosophy still inherent in the memory is the word where dandelion does not grow as ornamental flowers are common in urban parks that show its beauty to everyone, unlike the living dandelion and growing around the weeds away from the people and the weeds that constantly hide them in the grass, but its beauty will never be covered even though the weeds have become sunflowers.

Dandelion Flower or commonly known as Flower Randa Tapak is still included in the genus Taraxacum from family Asteraceae. Dandelion's own flower comes from Europe and Asia. Dandelion flowers can live in all places, wherever the winds carrying Dandelion seeds stop, that's where the Dandelion will grow. Physically, the Dandelion is not attractive. Probably because of its odd shape with a seemingly fragile stalk. But Dandelion actually teaches many people (for those who understand) about the meaning of real life. I will explain a little meaning of life that we can sample from the Dandelion Flower.

Dandelion flowers with small and simple stems can grow anywhere, depending on where the seeds fall. Small pieces of light flowers will fly in the wind and spread wherever he wants, which will eventually grow into new flowers where he fell and bring new life.


Dandelion flowers, looking very fragile, but very strong, very beautiful, and have a deep meaning. Strong against the wind, flying high and exploring the sky, and finally getting somewhere to grow into a new life.

Yes, that is the essence of dandelion flower life that holds a deep enough meaning. Fly high and roam the sky, it means still trying to pursue and reach our ideals that may be rocky road, but not stop to pursue these ideals. Fall somewhere and bring new life to mean, improve the environment wherever we are, bring happiness wherever we are.


One day, the Flora Peri saw something flying white. Out of curiosity, he caught him. Hap ...

Flora Fairy: Who are you? Why are you so small? I also can not catch you.

Dandelion: I'm a Dandelion flower seed. My body is small, and very light.

Flora Fairy: Well, you dare, yes, fly alone ..

Dandelion: Ah .. fly for me is usual, Elves. Blowing wind can take me wherever they want. My body is too small to fight the wind.

Florian Fairy: O, then where's your flower?

Dandelion: Let me show you where my flower is. I will show my friends too. They all still survive, before finally blown.

Finally, Peri Flora was invited to see the real Dandelion ...

Flora's flower: Wow ... so beautiful. Like cotton balls, yeah!

Dandelion: Eits, that's not Dandelion, Fairy. The cotton balls are just Dandelion seeds, just like me! If our flowers are yellow.

Fairy Flora: Where do you come from, anyway?

Dandelion: I'm from Asia and Europe. But because of the spread of Dandelion seeds through the wind, so now we are everywhere. We also like to say wild plants. Because, where the Dandelion seed falls and dries, that's where Dandelion flowers grow.

Flora Fairy: Oh yes, she says Dandelion flowers can teach the meaning of life, yeah? How's the story?

Dandelion: Actually not the Dandelion flower, but the seed. Look at us. Although we are small, but we dare to fly high and bring new life elsewhere. Even so humans. Do not like to be discouraged. But must dare to face all odds.

Flora Fairy: Well, Dandelion is great!

So, we should not be afraid to dream of being what we want, as high as possible. if we try then we will get the seeds. Spirit! :)


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