Nice shere..

Udah di vote ya tolong di follback dan vote @ronaldsteem89 terimakasih salam stemian dari lampung 😁 . .

It is interesting that Sukarno was fond of JFK. Times are so wild.. how are we supposed to sort through the constant stream of information to find truth and reason? It’s obvious that there is deceit every which way one looks.

A great article on tragical history of Indonesia, thank you for informing and sharing.
i am tuned to this blog to read more about this story.

Woah! I didn't know about that, thanks for sharing, I'll see if I can watch the documentary. Having just spent a year volunteering on refugee camps in Greece and Serbia I have heard so many stories of the horrible atrocities that people have faced.

Unfortunately the truth is confined to those who view it and those who are willing to speak candidly and in a non-bias way about it. And if those people are silenced or made to speak otherwise...

Why don't we learn from the past?! And how are people so cold?!

Look forward to reading more from you.

Btw, interesting relevant post from @denmarkguy also pondering the current direction of our human

My wife had also watched one on same subject called The Look Of Silence which she said was also very well done...

Ok, will take a look. The synopsis sounds intense enough eh!

tragedy that is very pathetic. Without legal process. Man's life seems to be worthless at the moment. Because of the power and greed of many farmers who do not know anything became a victim.

Sometimes history corrects itself. But sometimes it doesn’t. Hopefully this belongs to the first.

Yet another post that shows how america has had a hand in steering world events the way it deems fit. The CIA is probably one organization that has commited more humanity related crimes than any other before it (some exceptions).

I like your writing. And a good post. Will go rrad part 2 now. Cheers!

It's shocking how many of these incidences there are around the world and that not so many people are aware of them.

Just this weekend I saw a movie about the Gwangju uprising in Korea from back in 1980. I have heard of the term before but never knew what it was about. After watching the movie
I was shocked to see that history had repeat itself within the decade.

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