" Waterpass, Function and How to Use it "

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1). Understanding:

Waterpass is a tool used to measure the height difference from one reference point to the next. The waterpass is equipped with small glass and bubbles inside. To check if it is installed correctly, note the bubbles inside the round glass. If the bubble is right in the middle, that means the waterpass is properly installed. On the waterpass, there is a lens to see the target shoot.

2). Usefulness / Function:

Used to measure or determine an object or line in a flat position either measurement vertically or horizontally.

3). How to Use / Measure:

You do this by placing the surface of the tool into the surface area in check. To check the plainness, it can be noted that the liquid bubbles in the measuring device are the center of the waterpass tool. Meanwhile, to check the ketegakan then can be seen bubbles at the end of the waterpass. To determine whether the field is really flat then the bubble must be right in the middle of existing tools.

4). Level of accuracy:

The level of waterpass accuracy is 1.5 mm.

5). How to Read Scale and Results:

A). On a major scale determine the degree and minute by looking at the needle that coincides on the scale, each scale has a value of 10 '.

B). On a nonius scale also determines the size of the needle that coincides with the scale, with a large angle of each scale of 20 ".

C). Total the reading result between main and nonius scale.

6). Parts:

  • Tube nivo.
  • Waterpass.

7). How to Calibrate:

This tool has been calibrated along with the process of making it, therefore this tool can be directly used and facilitate its users.


8). Other Name:

  • Leveling

9). Types:

  • Digital waterpass.
  • Waterpass manual.

10). How to take care:

  • Clean Waterpass both before and after use, clean the parts that are dirty.
  • Keep it in a safe place.
  • Storage should be free of vibration, direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

11). Main scale / nonius scale:

The scale on the measurement sign (BA, BB, and BT) is read and recorded on survey sheet 5.

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