League of Excellence and Curation Leagues week #20 Indonesia

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Welcome to this weeks League of Excellence and Curation League for Indonesia.  Taken from the impact I have seen from the original leagues ran by @abh12345, I have rolled out something rather similar.  These league focus in on a geographical region.  This region is Indonesia and the tags used in the analysis are Indonesia, Aceh, NSC and KSI.

These league tables are re-set every week so you can join at any stage, just comment below that you want in and you will be included the following week.  


Engage with me

I have been absent on discord because of time.  But I can be found here on steemit.  Please use this post to engage with me.  Ask questions, share ideas and suggestions, have some fun or even just have a rant.  Let’s make this one of the most awesome engaging posts on the block this week.I will be upvoting the best comments, tips and questions that you put in the comments of this post.    

Curation League

Curation League. The aim of the curation league is to establish how effectively participants are using their SP to earn curation reward. This report takes the value of the Curation Rewards Claimed for a week divided by the SP Controlled. This is then multiplied by 1000 to get the SP earned per 1000 SP in a week.If you have any tips to share on how best to curate for financial rewards, please do comment below and share them.

   The data for league 1- Curation league

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

The formula used is:

Curation Rewards DIVIDED BY Steem Power MULTIPLIED BY 1000

This will return the amount of Curation rewards gained per 1000 Steem Power held

The rules (which will cause auto-filtering of your account if not met so just enter anyway and see what happens!) to appear in this league:

• Must have voted at least once on a piece of content in the past 7 days from the tags

• Must not have leased or delegated Steem Power in the last 14 days

• Must not have Started a Power Down (withdrawal of Steem Power) in the last 15 days

• Must not have won the previous week

Don't let this put you off entering though - you will be automatically be excluded/appear depending on the criteria above. 

League 1 - Curating to maximize returns 


Congratulations @pataty69. You are first yet again in the league and first eligible for a prize.  You are curating for profit very well.  This was an extraordinary week for you. 

Congratulations also to @doktormuslem  @anggreklestari, coming second and third eligible for a prize. Please do share some tips below on how you are curating financially so well. You will all receive a @steembasicincome unit.

Well done also to @j3dy, @yasu, @pawpawpaw, @serialfiller, @achepungo and @bahagia-arbi as you are all in the top 10.

The data for league 2- Excellence League

Remember the change:  winners of delegated SP will be excluded from further delegations for 3 weeks.  This change is to ensure delegation is spread as far as I can and more people get an opportunity to win.

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

The following data points are taken

• Number of posts made

• Number of comments made

• Number of replies to replies (depth of conversation)

• Character Count

• Number of Witness voted for

• Number of Votes Made

• The number of distinct authors voted for

• The number of posts included within the specified tags that have been voted on

• STEEM powered up

Using all of these values and a secret formula a Score of Excellence is calculated.

The Winners

Congratulations to @anggreklestari, you are on 3rd  in the league of Excellence and first eligible for a delegation prize.  What an awesome mark you have left on the blockchain this week.  

Congratulations also to @aneukpineung78, you are a winner and awesome engager.  Keep it up @serialfiller well done, you are next eligible for a prize.

Each of you have been sent 75 SP in Delegation. I have had to reduce the delegations from 100sp to 75sp due to the downturn in pricing.  You will have this delegation for 3 weeks.  While you have this delegation, you are not eligible to win more, so you will be excluded from delegation prizes for 3 weeks, But please don’t let this put you off, keep doing what you are doing and your names will be re-entered the following week.

Well done also to all the top 10, you have also done great work engaging on the platform @ettydiallova @bahagia-arbi, @anggreklestari, @dwiitavita, @aneukpineung78,  @ainee, @khaimi  and @djamidjalal  as you are in the top ten in this weeks league of excellence.    

This Weeks Prizes

This week and moving forward SBI units will be given as a prize for the curation league.  A minimum of 1 unit will be sent to each of the top 3.  All SBI prizes have been sent  Delegations are on the way too 

League of Excellence and Curation Leagues week #21 is now on.

Do you want to be a part of the leagues? Let me know below!

Looking for extra points in the league of Excellence – Vote for your witnesses.  You have 30 votes to use. A shameless plug now- @abh12345 and myself run the witness @steemcommunity – please do consider us for a vote.  If you do not know how to vote for a witness, drop a comment below and I will help you.

By voting for this post you are helping support the prize fund for next week.  Please also resteem and spread the word about the leagues.  Lets get more people involved.   


correction, my account is @acehpungo

So sorry, will fix it. Thank you for letting me know

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In my case, I wouldn't really care as long as the prize finds it's way to me. 😀

Thank you @paulag another excelent week. Congratulations to all winners

Congratulations to you. Things are really looking positive for you

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A cool start of September. Thanks for the games and all they bring to the blockchain.
To all gamers, congrats!

whoooooohooooooo I love games and fun and prizes :-)

Ahh! Prizes! Yes! Brings the joy to it's highest level. 😀

Maybe i should enter some contests to win some. Im always giving them away 😂

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It's always a bad sign for me when you come with an idea to the games, but this one, I love it, Ma'am. I'll keep two eyes open, when I see one, I will tell you right away. Or maybe I will create one for you to win. 😀

Hey @legendchew, are you with me? 😀

That's your opportunity to win @aneukpineung78. I'm retired from this league. 😆

The good thing is that you are only retired from the league and not from steemit. How have you been doing?

Recently too busy setting up new training course. Will be less in SteemCommunity too. Please take care of the league and Discord. I know you can do it. 😁

Yo dont talk about entering your own games, right, Ma'am? 😀

Congratulations, for all winners, Yeaaayyy!
Thank you Ms. @paulag.
this game makes me keep spirit

Keep Steem on!

glad to hear that, I know steemit is difficult at time, so anything that can be done to make things more fun or to motivate people wins my support

Sure, Ms. @paulag..
Let's keep on fire together!

How are you dear where i am in the list? Hmmm

you are on the first list, but your score did not make it to the second list, maybe next week :-)

Really show me plz thanks

I am glad you care about Indonesia, hope you are happy with us here too

Of course i am happy, its great to see all these accounts working so hard

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That's right, because KSI is a very large community. We are all over the archipelago, the top in Aceh.

Big Congratulation for all and a little for me. For the next I must do better again. Thanks @paulag for supporting us and this initiative. God bless you

A big congratulations to you too

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Good luck to everyone participating in it :)

Congrats all

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Interesting post

welang anu mang :D

Congrat for all the winner

Thanks mom @paulag

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Today disheart one of the steemit with good reputation did flag on me I am very sad serious I just did comment on his post “article” and he did flag on me 😞

Oh no. Gis a link

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Yes I really so dishearted today four points I got down so sad thanks dear to encourage me. What is this Gis

@paulag Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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