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Al-tale, in the wanderer of Saridin's guardian to the wilderness, meeting a tiger, he will pounce on Saridin's guardian, but Saridin's guardian does not remain silent he fights the Tigers, fierce duels are unavoidable, saridin guardians release their magic, until finally the Tiger is killed Wali Saridin's hand.

The news of the Tiger's death was heard by the Regent, until the Regent determined that Wali Saridin was guilty, and finally he was jailed, but before going to prison Wali Saridin asked a question to the Regent, "May I go home to visit my wife and baby child?" , replied the Regent: "Can you get out?"

For several days Wali Saridin felt homesick for his wife's son, so he prayed for Allah, and suddenly the prison door opened, Wali Saridin came out of the prison to go to his house to meet his wife and child, but he was surprised that there was a village chief in the house. who was seducing Wali Saridin's wife to be made his second wife / concubine, after the Village Chief learned that Saridin's guardian had returned home, then he ran in fear, and the Village Chief reported Wali Saridin's return to the Regent, that Saridin's guardian had escaped from prison, but strangely after the prison room was examined, Wali Saridin was already in the prison room.

Wali Saridin then reported the incident that the Village Chief was in his house seducing Wali Saridin's wife to be the second wife, to the Regent, then the Regent was furious, and the Regent put the Village Chief in jail '

The Regent decided a more severe sentence against Wali Saridin namely in the hanging law, but again Wali Saridin issued his power, until the hanging rope could not press Wali Saridin's neck, and he fled to the forest, then pursued by the royal warriors, but failed in the quest for Wali Saridin who was powerful and could disappear not visible to the eyes of the Warriors, and survived Wali Saridin with the will and protection of Allah, masha Alloh by taking refuge in His Sentence Wali Saridin could survive....

Bahasa Indonesia

Al - kisah, dalam kelana wali Saridin ke hutan belantara, bertemulah dengan seekor Harimau, ia akan menerkam wali Saridin, namun wali Saridin tidak tinggal diam ia melawan Harimau tersebut, duel sengit tak terhindarkan, wali saridin mengeluarkan kesaktiannya, hingga akhirnya Harimau itu tewas di tangan Wali Saridin.

Kabar kematian sang Harimau terdengar oleh sang Bupati, hingga sang Bupati menetapkan bahwa Wali Saridin bersalah, dan akhirnya ia di penjarakan, namun sebelum di penjara Wali Saridin mengajukan pertanyaan terhadap sang Bupati, " Bolehkah saya pulang menjenguk Istri dan anak saya yang masih Bayi?", jawab sang Bupati: " Boleh kalu bisa keluar".

Sudah beberapa hari Wali Saridin merasa rindu terhadap Anak Istri, maka ia berdoa terhadap Alloh, dan tiba-tiba pintu penjara terbuka, Wali Saridin keluar dari penjara menuju ke Rumahnya untuk bertemu Istri dan Anaknya, namun ia terkejut, bahwa di dalam Rumah ada Kepala Desa yang sedang merayu Istri Wali Saridin untuk dijadikan Istri kedua/selir, setelah Kepala Desa mengetahui wali Saridin pulang ke Rumah, maka ia berlari ketakutan, dan Kepala Desa melaporkan kepulangan Wali Saridin terhadap sang Bupati, bahwa wali Saridin kabur dari penjara pulang ke rumah, namun anehnya setelah ruang penjara di periksa, Wali Saridin sudah berada di dalam kamar penjara.

Wali Saridin kemudian melaporkan kejadian Kepala Desa berada di Rumahnya sedang merayu Istri Wali Saridin untuk dijadikan Istri kedua, terhadap sang Bupati, maka sang Bupati marah besar, dan sang Bupati memasukkan Kepala Desa tersebut ke penjara'

Sang Bupati memutuskan hukuman yang lebih berat terhadap Wali Saridin yaitu di hukum gantung, namun lagi-lagi Wali Saridin mengeluarkan aji kekuatannya, hingga tali gantung tidak dapat menekan leher Wali Saridin, dan ia melarikan diri ke hutan, maka di kejarlah oleh para Prajurit kerajaan, namun gagal dalam pencarian Wali Saridin yang sakti dan bisa menghilang tidak terlihat oleh mata para Prajurit, dan selamatlah Wali Saridin atas kehendak dan lindungan Alloh, masya Alloh dengan berlindung terhadap KalimatNya Wali Saridin dapat selamat.

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It is the first tale I read with Allah mentioned in it. So was the tale changed in time?

I wonder...Saridin killed the tiger, the regent was angry with him and he was jailed for it. Why did the regent believe him as he (Saridin) said his wife was forced to be the second wife of...

So his life was saved in the end but what about his wife and son? Nobody cared since they were replaceable?

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Okay thank you for reading my writing before, from the translation of the Javanese story, the Regent trusted Saridin's words, and the village chief also admitted to the Regent, for reasons of pity, but the Regent returned to ask, aren't there many widows in your village, why love Saridin's wife? and the village head is still considered having an affair with Saridin's wife, for which he is imprisoned.
but with the miracle Saridin was finally freed from punishment and together with his wife and child.