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It is the first tale I read with Allah mentioned in it. So was the tale changed in time?

I wonder...Saridin killed the tiger, the regent was angry with him and he was jailed for it. Why did the regent believe him as he (Saridin) said his wife was forced to be the second wife of...

So his life was saved in the end but what about his wife and son? Nobody cared since they were replaceable?

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Okay thank you for reading my writing before, from the translation of the Javanese story, the Regent trusted Saridin's words, and the village chief also admitted to the Regent, for reasons of pity, but the Regent returned to ask, aren't there many widows in your village, why love Saridin's wife? and the village head is still considered having an affair with Saridin's wife, for which he is imprisoned.
but with the miracle Saridin was finally freed from punishment and together with his wife and child.