#indie4lockdown: Free e-book for those stuck at home because of Corona (Ragnarok Conspiracy)

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If, like many, you are stuck at home because of the Corona virus, and like me you would rather read a good book than binge-watch The Good Place on Netflix, I' ve decided to make the e-book of my novel Ragnarok Conspiracy, both the English original and the Spanish Translation free, or as close to free as I could, on major e-book channels during the Corona lockdowns.

Ragnarok Conspiracy is an original STEEM published, blockchain-inspired mythpunk story that is available in two languages on different ebook platforms.

Channels where the English edition currently is available for free

English version on Amazon

Unfortunately I was unable to make Ragnarok Conspiracy available for free on Amazon. I' ve brought down the price though to the lowest allowable price for a book not on KDP-select.

Channels where the Spanish version is currently available for free

Free from Latin America on Apple Books

I can' t provide you with a link, but if you have an iphone or ipad and you live in Latin America, You should be able to search for La Conspiración Ragnarok in Books and download the Spanish edition for free.

Book blurb

As The Copyright Wars, started by a quantum-blockchain-heist, have ended with the creation of the dangerous Debrisphere, so has the age of communication, as has the age of both conventional and cryptocurrency.
In the post-war world where printing-base is the new currency, a young forensic scientist travels to the moon setting out to once and for all debunk moon landing hoax conspiracy theories. What he finds on the moon though, ends up uncovering a conspiracy that goes much deeper than anyone could have ever imagined.


La "Guerra de los Derechos", iniciada debido a un asalto cuántico al blockchain, termino con la creacion de la peligrosa "Escombrosfera" y con el final de la era de la comunicacion y de la moneda tradicional y virtual. En el mundo post guerra en donde la base de impresion es la nueva moneda, un joven científico forense viaja a la luna para desentrañar todas las teorías conspirativas sobre el alunizaje. Pero lo que encuentra en la luna terminar por desvelar una conspiracion mucho más profunda de lo que nadie se imaginaría jamás.


If you, like me, are an indie published fiction author, please consider following this example and make one of your books available for free during the corona lockdowns.