Fraudsters tortured the gang leader to death hoping to get a password from the Bitcoin wallet

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The body of 35-year-old Abdul Shakur was brought to a private hospital on the night of Wednesday Thursday by five men, who fled, but were soon detained by the police on suspicion of murder.

"Cryptocurrency assets worth several hundred million Indian rupees led to the murder of Abdul Shakur. The defendants, all of whom are members of Shakur's business team, brutally tortured him," the police said.

Shakur allegedly tricked not only investors into embezzling assets worth about $68 million, but also members of his own group when he said he had lost all the bitcoins as a result of his cryptocurrency wallet break-in. However, they refused to believe in the voiced version and tortured their leader to death in the hope of obtaining a password from the wallet.

During one of the tortures, Shakur fainted. "As hopes for access to the account began to fade, Shakur's accomplices made a desperate attempt to bring him back to life by taking him to two hospitals. In one hospital, doctors told them he was dead. They then rushed to take him to a multidisciplinary hospital, where they received the same answer. All of them escaped, leaving their vehicle in front of the ambulance," the police said.

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