Power of Desire.....

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In this world the most power-full power is Desire. The power of desire is so power-full that you can't even imagine. If a desire takes birth in your heart it will make you work for you for yourself. And if power of desire is less then it will make you weak.


Desire is like a seed. If seed goes into deep land it will make tree. To become for others we have to become for our-self. We have to work whole day for that, we will do. At the end a person wins who is ready to die. You must have big desire. If desire is big it will automatically make big thing from you.


Go and make a desire in yourself that I have to do this at any cost for anybody. If we will think about our-self it will not work , we have to do for others.
What kind of desire we have to make ? Which helps to other. Not only me but whole society must too get advantage.

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keep doing the good work.

Thank You @abs878

so nicely and deeply explained thank you so much have a nice day

Thank You and have a nice day you too @revils

welcome :)

An innovative man is spurred by the longing to accomplish, not by the craving to beat others.

Your are correct @babai1995 we must go to the success with holding all other's hand........

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Thank You

Success is a dynamic term which means different things to different people. The definition of success is very personal as each person carves for themselves, their own meaning of the word. This is as a result of the different definition of success to different people. There are different aspects of life in which people crave to succeed in, on a daily basis. To some people, their utmost priority is to make more money than they already have, possibly achieve that millionaire dreams of theirs. Some want a happy family, yet others crave fame and power. There are others still, whose only ambitions are career or academic success. Identifying what you want goes a long way in paving the path towards success. In a nutshell, success simply means achieving set goals. Setting goals help you eliminate what is unnecessary and helps you focus on what really matters.

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Si lo creas, lo logras el poder de tu mente 👌

Sorry @marcia9729 but I don't understand your language.....

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Podemos desear muchas cosas en la vida, pero la cuestión esta en hacerlas realidad mantener ese deseo con mucho fervor para llevarlo a iniciativa y lograr nuestro cometido

Sorry @akmendez but I don't understand your language too.... but thank you for commenting

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