Going to an Indian Wedding! Get Ready With Me ;)

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There is nothing quite like an Indian wedding! They can be so elaborate, a mashup of sights and sounds, and of course epic food! It's impossible to leave an Indian wedding hungry.

I'm new here on Steemit but I have been making YouTube videos for a over a year, (mostly makeup videos, for now). This makeup look was for a Punjabi Sikh wedding, so I wore a traditional Punjabi suit. I absolutely love the colours!! I had this custom made in India a couple years ago.


The makeup look is what's called a cut crease. Basically this refers to the technique used to define the crease by "cutting" with one colour, and then contrasting it with a different coloured eye shadow. I went with a purple/mauve crease and gold eye lids.

Please check out the video:

I also did a more simpler version of this makeup look, which I wore to the sangeet. With it coinciding with Eid, I titled it as such, but this look is appropriate for many occasions:


My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4X7oL7eiePoVP3oJHQ-mbQ
Catch up with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theparveen/

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Simply One Word ... WoW !


Thank you!

Nice make up, enjoy on the wedding! :)


Thanks, the wedding was wonderful! ❤️

Hey! Just found this post of yours. First, you look amamzing and second of all I'm gonna go check out your videos. Also, welcome to steemit!


Aawwww thank you so much. I make videos in English, Punjabi and Hindi. My channel is really starting to pick up steam (that joke will never get old) lately, I really want to grow it and my Steemit in tandem (I'm so bored with Instagram). Thanks for stopping by!


Thank you!

you are a sweet cookie ;)


Thank you so much :)


you can check my blog i post daily on beauty and health tips @dailybeauty-tips

Short and sweet :)

The second image was probably better used as the first to avoid the thumbnail issue. :) Or you could have used it vertically itself. Good post otherwise. :)


Oh, there's a method to my madness: the sideways thumbnail, was intentional! It's the same one I used on YouTube, thay video got a record number of views and likes for me in one week 😉 Always appreciate your feedback and thanks for sharing some people to follow. Read a lot of interesting things here yesterday!


Ah I see! Alrighty then! :D Keep em' coming yo!