Mummy by Vayu: My first Video Animation Project for Sony Music India

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The coronavirus situation has everyone locked at home. And for artists that means we can't shoot music videos for our upcoming songs.
But that doesn't stop us from innovating.

I received this project from Sony Music India through my younger brother's company (proud of him btw for all that he has achieved!).
I have introspected a lot during these lockdown times and if you are in a privileged position like me - with 4 walls, food and water access and family to support - you need to be grateful first of all.
And second, find ways to expand you horizons and venture into different territories.

This project gave me exactly that opportunity.
I have been making videos and concepts for my band Alif for years now. So as a musician, I understand the vision of a song a how to portray it best in the form of a video.

This song - Mummy - written by Vayu for Mother's Day is a lovely emotion where you know that even though you are going through bad times in your life, your mother is the one person who will understand you completely without saying anything at all!

I conceptualized and directed this animation video. The video has almost 3 Million Views now!!
Happy to share it here with you guys:

This is the first time me and my brother have been featured in the head credits together for a project:


It was a wonderful experience to work on this project.
I've also done all the social media posts appearing on Sony Music India instagram page for this song.

Let me know what you did for your mother this Mother's Day in the comments.

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