India: Pro-Crypto Ban Cyber Law Expert Says Why He Wants Bitcoin Banned!

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It's been a really long day and it's really late into the night as I write this post. The post I'm sharing was on my reading list and I felt I should share this with everyone so that you can form your own opinions on the subject matter. Suffice to say I'm sure many here would agree that a blanket ban on crypto is not only illogical but also far from ideal.

However, there are people who are quite flawed in their analysis but I'm glad that these conversations are happening in order to gauge where these people with their flawed understanding come from. Perhaps we stand a chance to change their opinions along the way with facts and a greater understanding of this space and the importance of decentralisation.

Once again cheers to Naimish from Coincrunch for doing superb work in his interview of Naavi.

Naavi, as Vijayshankar is known in the Cyberspace in India, is an “Information Assurance consultant and Operates from Bengalooru (Bangalore)”. Vijayashankar has been a vocal critic of Bitcoin since many years. He believes Bitcoin should be completely banned in India.

Please head over to the main article here. It's very important for all us who are likely to be affected by the proposed ban to read what people like Naavi have to say. Because similar people are in power who need to change their perspective on cryptos.

Sadly, I do not subscribe to the same views as Naavi because due to many reasons, some deeply fundamental even. He's an ex-banker, someone part of the system and shaped by it. It's difficult for someone with roots in central banking to understand the depth of people's money and store of value.

That's a quick summary if you'd consider it one but I didn't want to spoil the effort put in by Naimish and encourage you to read the whole thing on his website.

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What a shame. Keeping a whole country of billions out of reach of their own personal autonomy.

True that! :(

What an absolute wanker that guy!

Damn right! What a moron!

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I've read the full article of Naimish Sanghvi. The banker guy appeared to wallow in the mud particularly when he answers the question of tweet of NASSCOM. He has no clue about what he is trying to say. He shamelessly reveals that he formed his opiniion of UNOCOIN's ATM from other medias. His knowledge is highly limited.

True that!

From his answers it looks like that like many other people, Naavi doesn't understand crypto space very well. Then his stance seems to be very dishonest on his website where he provides one side of Nasscom's statement and disregard to update their view on his website. He is clearly cherry-picking, rather than providing rational and honest points and opinion even of institutions.

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