Biggest festival of World - Loksabha Elections of Indiam2019 and market scenarios for an Intraday trader

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Guys whats up now!!

Good morning traders..

Nowadays in In India elections phase going on , India observing and world to its Biggest democratic republic festival around the world.

More than 130 Corer people will chose their Prime Minister and 545 Lokshaba Seat Member of Legislative assembly will be elected by this Biggest festival of Elections.

In between uncertainty and unexpected moves happening in Major Exchange BSE and NSE.

India VIX sharply rise from 16 to 27 and market become more volatile and dangerous.

Some times it goes violently down and some times it recovers 50-100 points within 5-10 minutes. I'm talking about

Intraday trading in NSE. Yesterday Nifty taking Support - 11121 at 12:30PM it makes high 11294.75 gained more than 170+ points

Here is my Intradya trade Demonstrations.. Please go through it.

Suddenly from Peaks it crashed 100 points without giving chance to anyone.

And makes a higher low near 11181.10 and then from there it again gained 50++ points and at the end of the Market it closed at 11222.05 with +73.85 points ups from previous day close.

Such a volatile market is really a good or Bad experience of every trader Specially Intraday trader they Are trading like Makes or Breaks like situations. If trade goes in favor it will makes them otherwise it will breaks them if Stop loss not placed properly.

It is better to avoid for those trader who are new in this market and please play safely during this volatile market. Big big events are occurring during these days.. first let them passe then plan your trade accordingly.

Remember Market will never go anywhere it will stay where it is , but if your capitals vanishes it will be very hard to bring back in your account.

So be safe in this big event.

Thanks for reading

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