The independence day will be celebrated with bitcoin

in #independence5 years ago

23-24 August in honor of independence Day of Ukraine in Kiev will host a festival of electronic music and innovation Tethys, where pride of place will take bitcoin.

The festival will take place on the Trukhaniv island in the center of the Ukrainian capital. The website highlights six main components of the festival: all-day concert of electronic music with disco, Technoshop, which will allow you to get acquainted with a variety of technical innovations and test them, a big fair of novelties and Souvenirs, competition for geocaching, good food... and bitcoin, which, according to the organizers, will be to pay for any purchase at the festival.

In addition to bitcoin, according to the site, for purchases you can use a currency, Ethereum and NXT. Among the partners of the festival — the Blockchain Conference Kiev.

A ticket to the festival will cost 100 UAH (if you order in advance) or 120 (if you buy it at the last moment).