Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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To celebrate my country’s #IndependenceDay, I want to weave a narrative about my initial focus, magic, with the concepts outlined in the phrase titling this article, from the United States Declaration of Independence. The birth of this nation exists as a testament to shaping the physical world with the will, which defines the art of magic. Indeed, its inception also involves a number of occult symbols and members of a secret society that rather dark conspiracy theories target. I intend to explore the sources of those theories, here, and to root out the true nature of these societies that seem to face a lot of blame for nefarious activities.


Something Decent This Way Comes

To write about #magic is to write about life. To practice magic is to exercise liberty. To reap the benefits of magic fulfills the pursuit of happiness. To wield this power responsibly requires an ethical code. “Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law,” sounds like a good start, but without an exploration of natural laws, it can lead to unrealistic expectations and moral ambiguity. Without a definition of good and evil, humans can be guided to act in egregious offense against fellow humankind and nature Herself.

In my childhood through adolescence, a series of events and certain cultural conditioning caused me to lose my faith in the America lauded in our national anthem as “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” In youthful maturity, I would not say that faith in the existence of this America has been restored, but that patriotism has been transformed from an article of faith into a personal value to which I desire to be faithful.

We inherently possess magical abilities as human animals. To change one’s viewpoint is nothing short of magical. Science cannot describe how the human mind changes. Magic picks up where science leaves off, allowing us to keep travelling beyond the horizon of human comprehension. I look forward to providing some historical context for magic, even in relationship with the United States' founding fathers.

Patriotism ties to three other personal values, for me: coherence, cultural identity, and stability. Without coherence, plans & intentions fall to empty promises. Without cultural identity, stability falls to pieces. Without stability, plans become pointless because any necessary constants are ruled out on which a plan can be built. Patriotism interweaves between these three values, supporting, coloring, and defining certain aspects of those values. A sense of pride in one’s nation sustains and provides for coherence, the ability to string actions together to build a process that yields a desired outcome; cultural identity, the ability to relate to other people who might be total strangers but with whom you can trust to share certain cultural customs, values, & traditions; and stability, that perpetuation of constants necessary to count on in crafting a plan.

In order to produce effective, coherent magic, the would be sorcerer must master the will and command a strong ethos. On one hand, personal identity stands beyond any nation, state, or creed, but on the other hand, cohesion relies on collective identity. This is where patriotism supports robust magic. An example of magic supported by patriotism: memetic magic carried Donald Trump to the White House.

Black Magic & Psychological Warfare

I had to lose, in order to gain. By college, I had fallen in with friends who classified patriotism as “uncool.” To be American meant to share group responsibility for the death, enslavement, and displacement of millions of Native Americans, as well as Africans. To be patriotic meant to ignore that culpability in favor of believing in a dream. In retrospect, this philosophy damaged my self esteem and drove me to attract people of a cynical nature. In other words, it proved unhealthy for me to carry collective guilt about colonialist ancestry.

Where did this idea originate? Who or what gave it to me? Why did I find it so easy, even in a predominantly conservative town, to find others who agreed with me? If so many people believe this, how did this anti-American ideology become so prolific?

If black magic involves mind control, then ideas can be implanted by a black sorcerer to infect and control anyone from an individual up to a societal level. Future articles will seek to answer the above questions and strive to define and pinpoint this black magic. I also intend to explore techniques to counter and break curses and implanted false beliefs.

Peace Through Strength

I would like to explore the magical training techniques I have practiced, which have sustained me through battles, but I'm out of time. Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday. Enjoy the fact that you can pursue opportunities for abundance, express yourself freely, practice your religion in a peaceful way, and travel to see a fireworks display, if you live in the U.S.. Give thanks to the ancestors for their sacrifices that built up a great nation that has advanced technology and science, and to Creator for giving life and the opportunity to gain wisdom. Know that as America fights to become great again, so we also fight for the world.

Where We Go One, We Go All.

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