At the mouth of the shark, young girl in the face, then ...

in #incident4 years ago

The 34-year-old girl was eating food with her own shark. Suddenly, the shark pulls it to his feet. The young girl survived a lot of hardships. Later, he was rescued and admitted to the hospital.

The incident happened in the Kimberly area near Dugang Beach, Australia. Melissa Bruning, a resident of Perth, went on holiday with friends. He was standing in the footsteps of feeding the sharks in his own hands. At that time there were three or four sharks together. But instead of the food at hand, the shark pulls his legs. Immediately his companion saved him from the shark mouth.

Melissa said that at that time a seemingly stressful pressure was being felt. It seems that all the bones were powdered. That shark has eaten up my finger.

Although it is about his feelings, his finger is in fact in reality. The doctors said that the shark seemed to be cut off by the dentist and the ligament tear.

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