Will Steemit become the ultimate platform to announce and discuss future ICO's without the fear of manipulation?

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While checking out some subreddits and lurking for newsworthy content for Alt-News #10, I noticed this thread talking about an ICO called ParagonCoin which I had first noticed on coinmarketcap.com a week ago.

Here is a video about it with rapper "The Game" and CEO Jessica Versteeg.

PS. Come on, its 2017, who still records videos vertically?

It first off got my attention cause the famous rapper The Game was involved and it was about the marijuana industry. Seemed like a good idea I thought, I got quickly turned off though when I noticed they wanted a minimum of $25k initial investment for the first bonus of the ICO so I kinda forgot about it and didn't even bother reading the whitepaper. I'll just buy some later on an exchange I thought.

I have talked about the censorship and gaming of posts and votes on Reddit before, especially the heavy censorship on r/bitcoin, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens on other subreddits as well. Since most of alts are currently booming there will be those faking these numbers for their own monetary gain and there's been a huge amount of red flags lately about this ICO called Paragoncoin.

Reading the posts warning people about it I just want to acknowledge that it can go both ways, it could either be the founders gaming Reddit for their ICO or others gaming their posts for ransom or other things. (There had been some discussions coming from the Founders saying they have been threatened to keep gaming their posts and AMA (Ask me anything) for a ransom payment). That could of course also just be made up for self-defense, who knows.

Something that would really help this case would be a platform where all activity on these posts would be on a public blockchain so everyone could look for themselves to determine its legitimacy.

Here is a video of vote brigading going on. What this means is that someone made a post warning investors about their ICO and they have paid services and people to use an army of accounts to go ahead and silence that post. There is so far no more information from Reddit moderators what exactly has happened here but the moderators of the subreddit r/cryptocurrency have stickied the post I linked in the beginning of this article to make others aware to be careful.

I re-recorded this from the original thread since it was uploaded to TheDailyMotion which is not embeddable on Steemit.

So without taking sides here, who knows if the user who recorded the downvotes wasn't the one buying those downvotes in the first place to create all this fake accusations against ParagonCoin. I just wanna show the Steemit Community how obsolete Reddit has become as a platform for open discussions, especially when there is money involved.

Reddit is really big and the moderators actively monitoring these fake votes can't be everywhere, especially not on smaller subreddits like their own r/paragoncoin or r/cryptocurrency. Not even moderators of subreddits can check these voting activities and determine if they are real or fake and apparently it doesn't cost a lot to buy these clicks from websites offering the services which can make anything appear real when its fake or fake when its real.

On Steem we can check all activities, though.

Here if we suspect something shady happening anyone and everyone can go through the blockexplorer and check who is trying to manipulate flags from votes and check on their history to determine if something shady is going on and get to the truth and I believe with time and adoption more and more people who legitimately want to start new businesses and ICO's will want to use our platform to prove that they have nothing to hide and at the same time are protected by the blockchain from fake accounts trying to silence them or trying to make them look suspicious.


I think you make a good point ☝️ When I make searches on google for certain important topics I also add steemit as a keywords because I feel this information will be more trustworthy and unbiased !Good posts and I agree steemit is a good platform to discuss ICO

One of Steemit's greatest qualities as a matter of fact!

The openness on here is a total breath of fresh air, and even the totally public wallet transactions will help prevent future fraud as well.

All one would have to do is hangout on Reddit for just a day, to see all the corruption and manipulation that goes on there. One of the most recent examples of which I was involved in personally, was a silence attempt from the fan boys of Neo (ain't so fan boyish now though) and IOTA.

That's a great idea. I've found that google is pretty good at finding older Steemit posts!

Sensational @acidyo!! This is a very important point you've made,

I just wanna show the Steemit Community how obsolete Reddit has become as a platform for open discussions, especially when there is money involved.

I don't take ANY Crypto Company seriously if they're NOT on SteemIt. Seems pretty lame to be a Blockchain company and NOT use a functioning Crypto like Steem to produce your companies important announcements.

I'll tell you of ONE Blockchain company that I don't take seriously, because they refuse to use the Steem blockchain for proper documentation of their company's workings. Any idea?
Yea... SteemIt Inc. www.steemit.com/@steemit has ONE Stupid post from over a year ago and since then, nothing... You would think these guys could use their own platform for PR alone but no; they're a bunch of Hack Pre-miners that expect others to use their service while they sit back and do very little... kind of shady if you ask me. But I will use Steem for it's obvious Utility even if it's inventors don't.

Thank you and SteemON!

@steemitdev has 4 posts... so are you being serious?

@steemitblog says it has just over 100 posts in over a year. This too is a paltry amount.

Steemit is a sensation, but the Devs and the people in charge of marketing have done a sensationally POOR job overall. Then there is that whole thing about Pre-Mining a bunch of the Steem for these same people who ought to be providing much more, thanks to the millions of $$ they made by Gaming the entire platform... but I digress.

Read the posts on the accounts that @teamsteem linked to. I'm personally glad they have stopped using centralized platforms to discuss their roadmaps and future plans about the platform. It will be only a matter of time until more companies and projects will start using the steem blockchain for it, such as @sportspodium.

I would like to see it happening here in Steemit. I should launch my coins here :)
https://yehey.com/token/ Where to start?

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you

Yeah, it definitely is, man. I've looked up a lot of formatting posts and some other stuff from almost a year ago with ease so long as I put steemit as a keyword with the rest of it.

Thank you ! Yea it really is, and depending on who has commented on the post I can get a feeling of the legitimacy of the post- steemit is good and transparent this way like you mention in the post .

I think Steemit will definitely become THE platform. Just like bitcoin will become THE currency.

yeah ! steemit is better than reddit for sure

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hey ! iam also new to this

how is your experience with steemit?

Yes your new so I will inform you that copy pasting irrelevant links for follows and votes will not get you success here. Also I would bet that profile photo is not you and will just make you look even more shady.
Try contributing something to the subject or writing your own posts about what you have to offer.
Best Regards~*~

I'm not really sure why people interested in Crypto are using Reddit over Steemit anyway. It can only really because it has such a large user base but many of them may end up over here once they get sick of the censorship and realise they can actually earn a little crypto for posting here instead

Posts like this one need some serious discussion, consideration and implementation. It would be nice to have all the cryptocurrency related news and information on Steemit because it is decentralized and transparent.

Quite relevant to this post is the censorship going on over reddit where a censorship detection bot has been censured itself. The news speaks volumes of the need to shift to transparent networks. Steemit is that place.

About ICOs and Steemit, in my eary days on Steemit, I could see much information about the EOS ICO and also that of Civic ICO. There were complete how-to guides posted as well. So yes, Steemit is already a source of credible info. Tag system on Steemit can work better than the subreddit system on reddit because nobody 'owns' any tag here.

Wonderful post. That's the way forward for ICOs I think. Steemit should come in to use of ICOs more and more.

Steemit will absloutely be the platform to ICOs as ou predict because of our transparency(everything is visible to everyone).
This point you says it all.

Here if we suspect something shady happening anyone and everyone can go through the blockexplorer and check who is trying to manipulate flags from votes and check on their history to determine if something shady is going on and get to the truth

Agreed! This is a very important point as well,

I just wanna show the Steemit Community how obsolete Reddit has become as a platform for open discussions, especially when there is money involved.

In the crypto world is happening everything that has happened on the stock market before. A new opportunity to manipulate the masses in favor of their own profit. Sad but it just goes so well for powerful people

Yeah, but they don't even need to be that powerful. I made a post once where a Redditor had gotten himself 13k upvotes and on top of r/videos for "not even that much money" as he stated.

True, with today's technology it's a lot simpler than before for those who know how things work

Agreed, except for the distributed aspects. It's no longer in the hands of just a few...

I really think your prediction will be reality soon mate! Steemit is the only place I know that you have complete freedom to share your views and discuss anything you want as long as you are not a scammer/spammer.
I really hope this become true as soon as possible as this will really help further more in growing steemit.

Yes, I truly believe in that. Just like Bitcoin when they first introduced to the masses, most people ignore it. But now, the value has risen and continually rising.

In the crypto world is happening everything that has happened on the stock market before. A new opportunity to manipulate the masses in favor of their own profit. Sad but it just goes so well for powerful people

Paragon is already a very popular moba made by epic games so the name needs to change...

Haha, I've played that and I thought the same when I heard about it. :D

Hej, I am a new joiner. Lets be friend in Steemit.


Your vote is always welcome.

Please don't spam, you will quickly get flagged and lose your reputation if you keep on doing that.

Agreed - usually pics of yourself or designs your own creations for your avatar will naturally be more attracted to what you have to say

To @acidyo - Sidebet of 1SBD - @pksam9 is a dude with a beard... Just a hunch - I try not to ever assume but my gut is rarely wrong lol

Very well written and discussed bipartisanly (is that a word?) I think you have many valid points for the validity of posting about ICO's especially on STEEMIT as opposed to sites where votes/likes can be purchased or created yourself for very little cost, time and effort - The Video with "The Game" is interesting to say the least - lol - $25k for the first bonus - They certainly were shooting for the moon aye? Maybe they inadvertently had forgotten a few 0's - like 1 or 2 ?? :)

Lastly - The comment on shooting a video horizontally literally made me laugh out loud and I woke up my fiancé - She looked at my phone - said "wtf" and then rolled over and fell back asleep - I was cracking up even more

Thank you for that - A great way to end my night/start my day - not sure which yet it'll be - maybe I'll catch a few hours of sleep now - 5:50am my time -
NAMASTE @krytonika

Haha glad you liked that comment. Yeah you can't really know what exactly goes on on Reddit anymore so its important to remain neutral.

Well said and so very very true - I haven't been on Reddit in forever exceot when I accidentally click on a link which brings me there - but in general I used STEEMIT and/or actual reputable news sources

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steemit has an excellent SEO! whenever I type anything related to crypto in google I almost always get posts from steem on the first page. I think this is excellent and helps bring more traffic to the site and in a few months it would be peoples go to site for anything related to crypto!!

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