The immigration into Europe!

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Refugees and what is wrong with them now!

As most of us in the EU know there is a ongoing struggle with the immigrants. We hear it in the news every day. We pay the price as inhabitants on the European countries. And as the middle class we pay for this bullshit. We have leftist politicians who keep on crying we should do more. If it was up to them we would be giving them all a passport and a house as a price.

There are some strange things with the crisis that I honestly don’t understand. I give you my opinion and I will gladly talk with you about these ideas in the comments below.

Why is it that most of the illegal immigrants that come to Europe are males between 18 and 35? You almost never see females or children or elderly people. When you look at historical data about the world wars in Europe you see a totally different immigration than we see now. When you look at imagery about these times you see mostly females – kids – elderly people. If there would be a war in my home country I would fight and let my kids and girl run. Not the other way around!

WWII refugees
WWII refugees

Current refugees
2016 Refugees

In my home country of Belgium some parts of the government are working against the solutions. They complain about the incarceration of illegals for extradition. Why? Because it are families with children. Yet they have had plenty of opportunities to leave the country as the law dictated. Yet they keep on fleeing from the law every change they got. Well if you can not respect the law you get jailed. It is simple as that.

A lot of EU governments are talking about how these immigrants cannot return to their destroyed countries. Well excuse me? With all due respect but what did our grandparents do when the wars where over? They came back and rebuild. And that is what these people should do. RETURN and REBUILD.

How is it possible that immigrants pay 5000 euro to get on a boat have a iphone 7. And can not pay for their own food? And when they get food they complain it is not good enough. When some people in the EU spoke about that and said “lets pick them clean and then help them”. They were called inhumane and unrespect full. Yet they can pick our systems of support dry and that is normal? Those systems where build to help elderly and people native to the countries who are in a bad situation.

Some of the immigrants even take trips back to there home country? How can anyone explain this to someone. “Hey I fled my country because of a war, but I when’d back to visit my grandpa who still lives there”. First of all who payed for that trip? A plain ticket is not cheap. Who payed for the accommodations. Why is this allowed?

We had a story not so long ago about a political refugee getting a pretty big allowance because of the woman and children he had. But he owned 4 houses in his home country that he rented out and earned a nice chunk of change from. When someone said that out loud and asked to have his allowance deducted with the money he pulled in from the rend it was a big storm. I say if you can rent out four houses move into them and go live there.

Why is it that all these people run towards Europe? When they have so much countries right next to them where there is no war? Back in WWII people from Belgium ran to the Netherlands. And after to England. But we did not run to Irak, Soudan, … . There is a certain country in the middle east with the accommodation for around 3 million people. Yet they accommodate nearly no one! Yet they share religion and ethnicity. But they don’t get free stuff there – do they? We should stop giving them all an allowance and a tv and god knows what else.

If you speak out about these issues in a lot of EU countries you are labeled a bigot, racist, … . I think we should speak out! We can not upkeep all these people. We don’t want to upkeep everyone. And if we do we should make a calculation at what it costs us and after they return home they should repay us in full for everything they used that was extra upon the basic needs (bed-bread-water). We should not pay for there television or sell phone use do we? Or there trips to god know where?


Europe is gone and there is nothing left to do.
The "extreme right" is not "right" enough to do what should be done, and will never be allowed to anyway.
I wonder who murdered Jorg Heider.

Indeed who know who kild Jorg Haider or Pim Fortuyn. The only thing we know for sure is that they died for telling what everyone was thinking.

I myself aint right. I am on the right spectrum. And I want to believe better days will come where all these immigrants return home!

The only thing we know for sure is that they died for telling what everyone were thinking.

If over 1/2 of the population were thinking what they were telling, the EU would have been disbanded.

And I want to believe better days will come where all these immigrants return home!

Do you really believe that it will ever be done?

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"males between 18 and 35" can work better, support their families in home countries or refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon etc., send them money. And when they have money they can try to save, to bring their families to Europe.
You, instead, would you pay 5000 euros to send the children or granma to Europe who can't work and leave males in Syria or Turkey?

Since when are immagrants allowed to work - they don't have papers - it takes months to get them (if you even get them)? And yes i would send my children - grandma - wife - ... . Why? Because I as a male would be able to survive better alone in a warzone then with children or woman. Don't get me wrong he but your logic is incorrect.

Would you leave your wife and kids in a area known to abuse woman and children as sex slaves? As a commodity to trade?

Get of your leftist horse and read the real news!

Imagine a big family, 20 persons, children, elders, adults together. They are poor and have only money to send 1 person to abroad, who can go West and work later support them all. Will they send a grandma, a young girl, or a strong man capable of work (whenever he can?)

What kind of an excuse is that? Send the one person who could fight for their country away and let all the rest suffer? Why spend 5000 + EURO when they could all flee to a country next door for just gas money? Yet they flee to Europe. Makes me wonder if they escape the war or come here to live of our society expense.

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First of all these guys are not refugees. They are called so only if their country is at war and they go to the neighbour country(Turkey if we talk about Syrians) of their homeland to ask for asylum. leaving this neighbor country they are becoming automatacally legal or illegal migrants if they dont have papers.
And have in knowledge that in Greece their be given houses for free with everything paid plus 400-800 euros per person from goverment and non goverment organizations. At the same time inhabitants are suffering from huge taxes , many are losing their homes and corporations and unemplyment is 29%... Make your conclusions .

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I dont believe in conspiracy theories at all. Not much to back up these claims your making. I believe in facts and gut feelings not in martians and this bs.

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