Immigration is a litmus test for whether someone is a libertarian.

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"Who are you to decide that immigration is the litmus test for whether someone is a libertarian?"

I'm a libertarian who thinks immigration is a litmus test for whether someone is a libertarian...

Look, my time in the libertarian movement leads me to believe that there are basically two major groups of people who call themselves libertarians:

  1. People who want to secure a right to be left alone for themselves and their tribe, and

  2. People who want to secure a right to be left alone for everyone.

In my experience, a lot of libertarians want to ignore this distinction. I think that's a mistake. I think these are two distinct philosophies and should be understood as such, both inside and outside the libertarian movement.

It's the reason the Rockwell/LvMI crowd is trying to take over the Libertarian Party and it's one of the main reasons so many of my non-libertarian friends tell me they've had bad experiences with libertarians in the past.

Immigration cuts right to the heart of that distinction, because it's an issue that revolves around the state acting against people who are almost by definition outside the "self and tribe" conception of liberty espoused by that first group I spoke of.

To the latter group of self-described libertarians, ICE agents tearing children away from their mothers is exactly the kind of evil that compels us to espouse liberty in the first place. To the former group, it's a peripheral issue.

That "do immigrants have rights" divides libertarians so virulently is, to me, exactly why it's a useful litmus test.

It should be the easiest issue in the world for a libertarian to say "no, the government cannot project violence against these people," yet here we are.


I 100% agree. It was one of Mises' points that the free flow of capital and people that was essential to the smoothly turning economy.

I hear the argument all the time, especially as it relates to Europe's current situation, that the immigrants are only coming to abuse the social welfare benefits. Yes, so the cause of the problem is the state intervention in creating that incentive.

In the American case, why did those people go all the way through Mexico and cross over into the US? It's the same issue. They think that they can get a better living standard in the US than in Mexico. And they are probably right. Of course, they weren't expecting the reaction of the Trump team.

It ain't simple. In my opinion whether a country accepts immigrants or not depends mostly on the stuff that they escape from. What I mean by that is you should look at immigrants as tools. Some of those tools will afflict your society, some will be productive and thankful to live in the new place. As I see it, it's awful to save like 10 muslims at cost of degrading lives of maybe 5-8 people who live in the country. Even tho the "greater good" is done, you will have less productive members of society ( yeah IK about exceptions ) number increase. Being all for saving people might seem cool, but it brings serious consecuences. My post doesn't necessarily answer to yours, but I wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading, peace out!

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Completely agree 🙌

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