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Although I live on the outskirts of Bangkok, home is really Koh Samui

Or it will be when we finally get plans finalised and some builders sorted out......and finished saving up! Anyway, my wife has the land already next to her sister's house, a plot of about an acre which is semi-jungle but every time we go down there, we do some tidying up and always plant stuff, which Fon's parents help look after (ie eat and sell!) in our absence. Whether we will ever be able to fit a house on this plot now is debatable but as I promised the wildman himself, @papa-pepper, I thought I'd show a few pics of what we grow on our small plot in the tropics!

First-up, coconuts! Bloody coconuts everywhere. I'm sick of the damn things. They fall off all over and start growing all over again as you can see from this next pic!

Now to be fair, they have many uses and I do drink the water and like a bit of fresh coconut for breakfast. The husks can be ground down and used for soaking up oil spills! I kid you not, look in Halfords! and the Coco lumber is used in many construction projects in Thailand. All the same, there will be a major cull one day!

Next up, Dragonfruit. I love Dragonfruit and we planted these rows about 2 years ago, originally supported by wooden stakes which seem mysteriously to have become concrete posts..... but this is the first crop we have had. Father-in-law has been selling them like they were going out of fashion but we managed to get down there in time to rescue some for ourselves and I have to say, they were delicious!

I planted this avocado tree from a stone 3 years ago and it's shot up. No fruit yet, I think perhaps another year or two but it's doing really well so I'm very proud of it!

Rambutan are now in season. These are also delicious and I have seen them in Tescos back in the UK but very expensive. Also have big stones and are very easy to grow. Getting them down off the tree requires some scissor like things on long poles, the tree is still quite young so we didn't get too many this year.....unless we were a little late and dear old Dad had been down the market again.....

Papaya, used in a lot of Thai dishes including the ubiquitous 'Papaya Salad'. That's the dish that contains a small crab that's really just there for the flavour. I know, bizarre. You get used to it! We have 7 of these which we also planted from seedlings 4 years ago and they produce a lot of fruit. A few weeks off harvest yet, but no doubt all gone by the time we go back down in October!

Pineapples anyone? We have both the regular sized ones and the mini ones, but as you can see, they grow on the ground and take a lot of space so we don't have many. I dug a load out last year as they were starting to take over and also the snakes were hiding under them, we try and keep the snakes at bay around the back in the wilderness part!

OK, this was new to me. I'd always assumed this was some sort of lime bush, but it wasn't.

It was one of these, still a citrus and I have never tried one before. It's quite sweet but very crunchy with seeds. I had them all as no one else likes them.

The first picture is sister's house, the next pic is the front of our plot, where there is only about enough room left for a shed.........

...............unless I get my own way and chop down all these coconut trees, but then there all the damn banana trees back there too....

I'm thinking tent!

Finally, sorry @papa-pepper, I only saw one snake, a cute brown rat snake which disappeared under the water tank before I could get a pic, so you'll just have to do with a pic of a toad which are such wusses. As soon as they feel a drop of rain, they come out of the bushes and try and hop into the house....

Wussy Toad Pic

This is @papa-nathen007 , reporting from Koh Samui!!

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Lovely! I am so jealous. I might now have to come and see you. Who is this gentmartin person? Any relation?


Lol, come and visit anytime! Take some bloody coconuts with you! I want to live the simple life down tbere but the wife isnt keen and likes it up here and on top of that, constantly fights with Daddy! The other downside is life on an island where the relatives are from means you cant go anywhere or do anything without knowing your business so its difficult to know what to do for the best...it will sort o e way or another.
Sorry about gentmartin, thats my alt account I play the DApps with, I thought you knew! Theres even a picture of the grumpy old fella as the first post!
Im still in two minds about DLike, I will see how it goes for another couple of weeks and collect a few more tokens to bank before deciding whether to continue or withdraw my support! It has so much potential but......I dont know.
I appear to be very indecisive this morning lol
Hope you have a great weekend :-)


Mmm, yes, the reality of living in paradise :)
gentmartin - I should have guessed earlier from the Leeds United connection, I haven't seen the first post, I'm not sure how to find them, dlike seems to present me with a limited number of current posts and no opportunity to delve further. Your alt account seems to have an alt personality as well hehe x It's a good idea though, I'm wondering whether to do the same as I don't want to irritate my regular voters.
What don't you know about dlike? I see you're one of their top posters this week.
I'm looking forward to getting back in my garden at the weekend. You have a good one, too.


I was top poster for 2 weeks on the bounce because I read there were more points for comments than posts, but the others cottoned on last week and are now hammering it lol...I cant keep up!
I messaged the main man at dlike about about only being able to see so muchnpost history and I asked if they could have a save function, a bit like pocket where we could save the things we liked as there is going to be a whole lot of crap to wade through if it takes off.
I think Dlike and the other Apps offer a fabulous opportunity formpeoplemwho perhaps arent the greatest bloggers and writers to earn a few quid, have you seen musing recently? Giving out 1 to 4 dollar upvotes for good answers to questions!
And yes, the alt account stops me spamming my own account but if Im honest, Im having fun playing DApps at the moment.
Its good we have so many more options these days :-)
Youre up early!

Hhhh that frog is thinking too much :D
It is a very beautiful garden full of nice yummy fruits :)

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