2018 Self Portrait

in illustration •  8 months ago

I figured I needed a new icon/profile pic, so I decided to pump one out. This one looks a little happier than what I currently have so I'll definitely be switching it out. Below are some process images! 

Thanks for reading!!

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The thing I like the most about this post is that you show us your process, as if it were a flip cartoon book. Very cool to see the touches from cell to cell. Thanks for sharing this.


thanks! i'm considering making gifs of my process in the future along with the stills. might make it just a little more animated!

nailed it! great work, enjoyed seeing the process...


welcome ... check out this contest too in case you are interested :)

Nice work. Really cool style.


Thanks!! <3

I like how you included the process. I do the same sometimes. Im following you. Would appreciate if you do the same :) Either way thanks for sharing. Its really cool!


Keeping track of the steps along the way helps me learn from my own mistakes, and also allows for other people learn too once I share! i would definitely encourage you to do more, people on steemit love it! Thanks for the follow and will follow back!

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your original post i have the right to vote

Good to see a new post from you on steemit! What a cute self-portrait, you look extra bubbly ☺


thanks! twas the goal! :D

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thank you!