Not Spoiled By Water

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Not Spoiled by Water is a horror series I've recently published on my site Fictionspawn Monsters. It's a particularly dark, sinister and tragic family story. These are the illustrations and some sketches. The story is in four parts, or rather four stories mixed together where each part gives information to the others, filling out the puzzle. They should work as individual stories and can be read in any order, but The Supper is kind of a prologue.

Not Spoiled by Water - Rain Aak fictionspawn.jpg

Rain on the Roof: Mary runs from the murderer, climbs out of her window and up on the roof. He follows her. A shadow comes running out of the forest towards the house.

The Supper fictionspawn.jpg

The Supper. Mary asks her family about a boy who used to live in the house. The conversation gets uncomfortable.

Play by the Lake Aak fictionspawn.jpg

Play by the Lake. Peder is playing by the house, and his mother is looking for him. She doesn't trust her brother Hans. She doesn't trust him at all.

Not Spoiles by Water - Hide in the Forest Aak fictionspawn.jpg

Hide in the Forest. A man watches the house from the bushes. Vague memories are coming back. Horrible memories.

These are the sketches for the illustrations, published for the first time today, here on Steemit.

Not Spoiled by Water Sketches Aak fictionspawn.jpg

Don't worry if you didn't read the story, you can comment and upvote on this presentation ;)


Yes sir! Dream will win eventually!
And it should be...
I understand your purpose of teaching me, I read a post of your on website that's my promise from you this time my parents dream will win first.

The first day I joined with you I knew that what might be the reason.
God bless you...
My best wishes is with you always...

Thanks Saun! I haven't been very active online lately, lots of things happening. Thanks for the reblog :)

Hey, good to have you back! Four spooky stories for the price of one.... what's not to love?

Thank you Deirdyweirdy! It's one of the most horrible things I've ever written, I was afraid to publish it even on my blog, and people shouldn't be easily scared over there... :D

I really really really really like your drawing and painting style! Really! :) And the fact that you've combined these with sinister and spooky stories. Or the other way around. I really like that too. :D

I'm sorry, my brain is melting 'cause it's too hot (again) so really is my favorite word now. Hope it's yours too. Really.

It's not a bad word! Thanks a lot, Insaneworks. I know what you mean about brains melting, though our summer here in Spain isn't too bad this year. It can be, though. It can be.

Hey buddy, its been a while I visited your blog. I hope you doing well. Keep on bringing your excellent writing and art to steemit.

Dante is Here No fear


Hi Dante! Haven't been much online myself lately, I've got so much to do! Thanks for stopping by, happy to hear from you :)

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