10000 STEEM Power Up

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Hey guys, I have few news for you.

Power Up

I've decided to make a present for myself this new Year and just powered up more STEEM because it is so cheap now and I am really believe in it. I mean I feel it will grow. There is big potential there. So I've invested $1500 into around 5600 STEEM and powered them up together with those coins I was powering down since last two months.


Participating in the @sndbox Create a Drawing for Sketchbook Saturday @critday + @archisteem contest 4


So this is what I have these days in my sketchbook. Actually this is part of commercial project which I can not upload yet. It's a secret one until it will be printed. But these sketches I can share.


eSteem Line

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eSteem product lead & illustrator Fil Dunsky
portfolio at dunsky.ru

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We believe in Steem.

And that is a big power up.

Oh my...your sketches are cute. Hehe


Thank you! Yeah, was not easy decision but finally got that I have to try it...

Wow! That's amazing🙌 Congrats🎉this kind of actions makes me more confident about Steem😊 Steem on!!👍😃

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Yeah, I was actually inspired as well by one of @midlet posts on that recently. Thinking that we are able to influence on Steem and if I like this place, like the idea then I should do it.

That's great mate. I also did the same. I am also very hopeful about this steemit platform. I also decide to support talented content writer & content makers as much as I can. Wish you all the best To you for 2019 & advance HAPPY NEW YEAR


Thanks a lot! Yeah, I will also try to support Art projects here on Steem with my power. Hope to get some good delegations for such needs as well one day.

Nice initiative like it and resteem for spread it.


Thank you so much!

That's cool!
I also increased my steem power in the summer, buying 1300 steems :)


Yeah, good investment, I believe we will congratulate each other in future :)

Go0d luck ;)

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Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for your support!

Congratulations @dunsky! You've received the 2nd place upvote this week (2 times in consecutive and this is awesome!).

Thanks for participating in the Sketchbook Saturday contest. Swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9


Thank you so much for your choice! I would be glad to participate in next contests if there would be any...


Yes there is :) Love your works and please help us to get this contest known to more people.


I hopey readers will be inspired to try as well. They just have to subscribe to @sndbox and follow the news. We'll maybe next time I will try to explain in the post more about contest so people can join...


Thanks @dunsky! That will help a lot :)

Congrats on the big power up! I was just starting to catch up with you lol! XD


Haha :) I am sure you will gain much more weight rather than me on the platform very soon!

This is huge and thanks for making Steem a great platform.
I'm very happy! as I have a new whale 😆

Congratulations on your power up!

I believe in steem too!


Thank you! ❤️

congrats :) & love the sketches!


Thanks a lot :)