CURATOR'S CHOICE #6 | an IINC series

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It has been too long we've highlighted some of the best music articles on the Steem blockchain. Time for the sixth round of the "Curator's Choice" series with some amazing posts from even more amazing authors!


You may have noticed, IINC started commenting - with a more or less standard comment - to posts we voted for. We didn't want to do this for a long time since we considered such comments to have a spammy character.

However, we decided to start this as a trial, to:

  1. support @curie in getting aditional votes for their Steem blockchain witness;
  2. increase the awareness of IINC.

From a recent analyses it shows us both aims are positively impacted; You can read about the analyses done in this post (here). We will continue to trial, since we've not seen negative reactions so far. Obviously we will take any suggestions at heart, and when you like to see things being different in the ways we execute at IINC, please tell us and we will consider whatever you believe we shall focus on, what we shall do, or what we shall stop doing.

Challenge/Contest in Preparation

To increase the interactivity and participation amongst us music fans and professionals, we plan to launch a recurring community curators challenge/contest. We kinda know how we like to start; Now we need to sort out the details before we can post the first round.

When you are a manual curator, interested in playing challenges, and open to earn some rewards; Look out for the next post by IINC.

Recent Record Pick-Ups #15 (Amazon Edition)

by @rawselectmusic

This guy has such a great collection of music, and - almost daily - gives us his views and insights into so many of them through his review videos and written posts. When you are into electronic music, we can only recommend to follow him!

image source: cover image of featured article

The Long Play

by @sue-stevenson

"The Long Play" is a very personal post by the author, sharing with us the story why she is not listening to music so much anymore. Challenged by @riverflow, she wrote the article and subsequently she shares with us her new ideas to write about her opinions of some of her music collection, whether they are recorded on the old cassette tapes, on vinyl or on CD. Have an eye out what she will share with us; Here at IINC we have high expectations :)

image source: cover image of featured article

When I Go To Music Festivals, Authenticity Is My Drug Of Choice

by @foggymirror

A wonderful article telling about the freedom at music festivals, and even more so, the social norms and connections people make at such events. I can assure anybody who do not have the experiences of spending quality time at music festivals, what @foggymirror is sharing with us, is absolutely true. Well, that is my experience also! Deep connections are made with total strangers, especially on multi day festivals when the feeling of time leaves us completely.

This article is a must read for all those who like music, and never been to music festivals! Sure, anybody else may also like to read this one :)

Note: We've taken the freedom to not include the original post image (the first image in the post), but a more suitable image (my personal opinion) from the same post to show what is considered the social norm at festivals.

image source: post image of featured article

Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys (Album Review)

by @beggars

We see more and more review posts of albums/band and producers at Steemit. Super! Reviews doesn't always have to be about how great the band/producer and/or album is; How cool is it when someone gives his/her own personal opinion, wether this is good or not so good for the musicians. Honesty is what counts and @beggars shows us what a great review post reads like.

image source: cover image of featured article

Music, sound and the mysteries of perception

by @frank.freedom

@frank.freedom is a brand new Steemian. Although the article we feature here is just his second post at Steemit, it is an article that articulates very well the perception of music, from an as objective viewpoint as musicians and sound engineers may have, to the subjective viewpoints we all have. Knowing a number of electronic music producers myself, I very much relate to what @frank.freedom (a sound engineer as he writes in his posts) elaborates on.

image source: cover image of featured article


Let us know in the comment section, whether you have comments to this post, the article series in general, or have suggestions for this series. We are always open for positive criticism and improvements.


written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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Very interesting, thank you.

greetings! ... i liked the post about music festivals! ... my vote and reesteem!

How cool we were able to bring a post to your liking. Thanks for the ReSteem.

As someone who just received your new comment it is great.

I think your group has helped me at least one other time (maybe two) and I know the first time it was all a mystery. I was so confused about where all the lovely & mysterious votes came from. Through some sleuthing I ended up learning about curie (and your group) but this makes it sooooo much clearer. Your new comment makes it obvious and gives people like me a starting point to say thank you and to learn about curie if we haven’t already.

Cheers to you!

Steemit can be quite a mystery when just starting out; Part of the fun :)

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