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Although it is true, I refuse to start this post, writing: "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't post for some time!"... Oops, now I did! I'm soo soo soo Sorry! :)

FYI, my attention was drown away from this series by other activities, some of them having some ties into the Steem Blockchain, and others that are far away from crypto space.

But we've never stopped spreading our love to great music posts! Last month @mammasitta and I have seen a gradual increase in number of music related posts. We've seen many new projects launched supporting the music community in one way or the other. We've seen many postings with music: own creations, creations by others and so on. But the Steem blockchain can do some much more for musicians and music fans.

While some time ago, the Steem Blockchain did not capture many write-ups around the music topic, I'm so pleased to see an increase of articles talking about music; Community members sharing their experiences; Their event and/or music reviews: Their opinions, and what not. Musicians writing, Music Fans writing! How cool!

Some great recent examples can be found in this edition of "Curator's Choice". Hope you like the selection!

Enjoy the Stories, Opinions & Music

Tuning in to A Better Frequency: Mountain Musings

by @riverflows

@riverflows flows through the country side, giving us a great view into a road trip with Eddy Current Suppression Ring banging through the speakers. You'll find several tracks in between the stills. My advise: Find them first; Hit the play button; And enjoy the article :) Don't dance too much; Or scroll too fast; The still with the kangaroos is a must see.

image source: cover image of featured article

Until When Monolingual Continues - Opinion

by @alies2

This article is a must read if you like to learn a bit more about music from Asia. @alies2 - a music connoisseur of R & B and also Hip Hop, as described by him/herself - gives an insight into some of the artists and their works that in one way or the other reached the writers attention. Meanwhile debating the fact if the language used in music shall be English, or any language. Find the answer in this article...

image source: cover image of featured article

ALL ABOUT THAT BASS / fretless bass and how to use it

by @grobens

@grobens is around for a little while now and I've seen quite a few great articles from him already. Time to feature him in this series! He is a musician and a writer, and that shows. In this artcile he talks about fretless guitars, and why they are preferable over those with frets. Based on own personal experiences, we get a solid insight into why frets and why not. Although not a musician myself, I always like to learn new things about music; Don't you?

image source: cover image of featured article

Rant Slab - Dancing About Architecture

by @ethorf

The title immediately caught my attention and the combination with the image triggered my fingers - more or less - automatically: click, open, read! This guy gives us his opinion on what kind of music reviews works for him and what kinds doesn't. Long essay's? Personal views on the meaning of this and that? I enjoyed reading this article very much. @ethorf managed to bring in some fun as well with several great photographs.

image source: cover image of featured article

JustLikeJorge Goes Miami

by @justlikejorge

Ultra Miami is one of worlds biggest electronic dance music events! @justlikejorge was there and presents us with his experiences, thoughts and favourites.

When I saw Miami in the title and Ultra in the first sentence, I didn't want to open the article at first. Reason: in the running up to this event, so many 'stupid' articles where published on the Steem blockchain dong nothing more then simple advertising. Why? Why? Why 'talking' about something that still needs to happen? So much more fun to read reviews than ads!

Then I realised Ultra has past; So I clicked hoping for a good review. I'm featuring the article here, so do I need to say more?

In case you are interested in these type of musical events? Events where a lot of professionals and music fans come together? Have a look at Ultra (Miami), Sonar (Barcelona), ADE (Amsterdam). You may like to visit all of them :)

image source: cover image of featured article


Let us know in the comment section, whether you have comments to this post, the article series in general, or have suggestions for this series. We are always open for positive criticism and improvements.


written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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Huge work and nice post! I really love the style and your super name! Made me feel home! =))) Good to see you around.

Ahhh I see the future of Music =))))) You should come to present what you are doing one of these days at the steemit com-lab if you are around Vienna. Would be awesome to meet you and know more about what you are doing as we are exploring with the @globalschool participants the fields of future media ecosystems, already in the frame of health, hospitality, learning and travel. =)

Owww cool. One of our team members lives close @mammasitta. I'll let her know.

Ahhhh @mammasitta. :)))) If I may, as part of the familly (yes, I adopted her, and all which comes with it, so you too :P )! When are you/both joining?

Whenever you are around Vienna, I would be pleased to offer you the hospitality within our very recent project @frameworks. This future #cryptoart autonomous lifeform aims to integrate a serie of reward systems to promote and empower entrepreneurs, creatives and digital / nomad - souls ...we are slowly trying to understand how to install it on the blockchain with motivated people to allow it self replication, pursue its #ubi vision to enable the next group of co-hosts to fund and install the new version when the conditions are met. (So much to say in few lines LOOL, participatory proposal ongoing...).

With some partners we are also working hard on an awards for Future of (something I can't share now). I can't wait to involve you and @mammasitta further in what we are doing and planning to do with @globalschool and motivated steemians from around the world! =)

here my email, don't hesitate [email protected] I'll be happy to share more and get updates or requuirements we could cooperate on with our @globalschool participants. All the best, I'll keep your blog on my precious list =D

Sounds like you have something going! You are very enthusiastic, that is a big plus. Got a couple of words from mammasitta already on your projects, so super. I'll send you an email soon.

Good to read such encouraging message! Thanks to both of you for all the enlighning words and smiles here and there. Looking forward to read from you.

Wonderful to see you both communicating.
We catch up soon @jnmarteau

LOL, nice! Thanks so much :)

I always really appreciate to share such smile :)

AHH! Thank you for featuring my post! :D <3

You are emitting great vibes, contributing the quality and friendly spirit of to the community thanks!

Super event review, so it deserved the mention! :)

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We are honoured!

Heart this idea so much. As Shakespere said "If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On"

Hahaha nice one! Agree! :)

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