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Approximately 50000 IFLTPOOL was given to holders of 50 or more TASKMANAGER proportionate to their share of TASKMANAGER on the Bitshares network. All gifted IFLTPOOL has been covered (100 IFLT in the pool per 1 IFLTPOOL UIA given away).

My personal pool at IFLT address iFzgHyhejy11JshQQjLTAzR9F56X2BNgP8 will be used to cover any exchanges from IFLTPOOL to IFLT until the main pool at iLj7ek7DMhEJycFToXVZTxsFnbLZ814vZ9 is operating at peek efficiency.

You can contact [email protected] to add your personal IFLT to the pool and have it exchanged for IFLTPOOL on the bitshares network.


IFLTPOOL allows for pooled staking of IFLT. The more IFLT in an account, the faster it earns IFLT. Pooled together many people can benefit from these faster mining stakes without actually having to run the software on their own personal computer. IFLT staking was tested for over a month with very positive results. Staking payments are made monthly all at once to avoid transaction fees.


what is IFLT?

Inflationcoin, a proof of stake coin.
IFLTPOOL is representation of private pooled mining of IFLT

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