Taskmanager News: Break Over and IFLTPOOL Bitshares Asset

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Here is what happened while I was "missing":

Taskmanager Holdings registered with the Canadian Federal and Nova Scotia Provincial Governments as a business.

Over 50000 TASKMANAGER bitshares tokens were burned

IFLT POS mining was tested at address: iFzgHyhejy11JshQQjLTAzR9F56X2BNgP8

IFLTPOOL Bitshares asset and pool creation

TASKMANAGER Bitshares UIA changes to a stake weighted dividend model

Genesis DOGE mining directed to tm-payouts Bitshares account for stake weighted TASKMANAGER dividends

50000 IFLTPOOL has been set aside for a sharedrop to holders of the TASKMANAGER Bitshares token

Prize Portal set to move to the new prize ladder giveaway format, where the prize value depends on the SBD payout of the prize giveaway post.



Inflationcoin (IFLT) POS mining pool. Exchangeable 1:100 for Inflationcoin (1 IFLTPOOL=100 IFLT).

IFLT pool at address: iLj7ek7DMhEJycFToXVZTxsFnbLZ814vZ9

Pool pays out monthly in OPEN.BTC or IFLTPOOL based on the percentage of IFLTPOOL owned.

Contact [email protected] to exchange IFLTPOOL for IFLT

(Initial sales of IFLTPOOL will go towards adding IFLT to the POS pool. When part of the pools mined IFLT is sold, dividends will be paid in OPEN.BTC. When mined IFLT is saved to increase the value of the pool, IFLTPOOL will be paid as dividends .)

** This pool is owned and operated by Taskmanager Holdings, a regestered business in Atlantic Canada. This token is not available to citizens of the United States.

By purchasing this token you agree that:

  1. You are not a citizen of the Untied States of America
  2. This token does not constitute ownership of anything besides the token itself.
  3. Payments may be delayed.
  4. Taskmanager Holdings or any of it's employees are not liable for any loss if the pool gets hacked, destroyed, damaged or dividends are sent to the wrong payment address.

If the pool shuts down all IFLT (- 5%) in the pool will be sold for BTC and all IFLTPOOL will be bought back via the IFLTPOOL:OPEN.BTC market.


I don't know what you said, but there was Canada and there was Bitshares, so I'm in.

Congrats on your new business. Another Canadian, I will for sure invest.

I'm actually traveling to New Brunswick the last week of August for a vacation. I've been everywhere in Canada but the far east coast, and I have a ton of places I'm checking out including the singing beach.

Would have to go a little bit more east to find me. New Brunswick does have a few nice locations though with a decent view and good fishing.

Dammit, how did i miss this - was checking my BTS and saw magical stuff pop in - I kinda like it when that happens ;)

Magical stuff is magical :)

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Pretty interesting post. Over 50000 TASKMANAGER bitshares tokens were burned? WOW!!! I guess IFLTPOOL is worth it then. I'm sure we'll here about it more in coming days or weeks

Thanks dude for sharing

Unfortunately, as much as I may want to, I cannot join this project due to me being a US Citizen. The US government must eventually accept that digital currencies are here, will become the global currency everyone uses, and are not going to go away; like a passing wind. Once they have figured out a way to tax and keep track (that's going to be their Achilles Heal) of all digital currencies (which I believe is not even possible), they will gladly accept it and join the rest of the world. Everything cannot and should not be controlled by governments and I truly believe the US is stalling and playing games, just to string us along long enough for them to find a way to profit from digital currencies. I can only hope that we learned our lessons the hard way, when we bailed out the banks and let the hedge fund investors off with no penalties, not to make the same mistakes again. This is a chance for the US to have a "fresh start", and if the government would stay out of it, we just might have a chance, once more, to be the great nation that I know we are capable of being. Instead of controlling and trying to profit from this new global economy, we need to show the world, by leading the way, to simply keep governments and financial institutions separated; the basic separation of powers, one of the major fundamental rights this country was founded and built for.

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