Adab — a project with great potential.

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Financial projections.
Please read the company’s financial outlook on the website in the documents section. This is an achievable plan that we intend to implement.

Redemption of tokens at a price not lower than the nominal value (prices for ICO).
Every month, a company will spend 10% of its revenue (but not more than 25% of its profits) to the purchase of tokens and their immediate burning. This is how the token deflation model is implemented. With the growth of trading volumes and the number of users, the volume of Adab tokens will be systematically reduced. The purchase of tokens will be at the market price, but not lower than $ 0.1.


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As part of the development of blockchain technology and its introduction into our lives, it is very important to make it accessible to everyone in the world. ADAB opens up opportunities for Islamic countries and I consider it a good thing, if of course they also want it. Of course, the blockchain development is now going very fast and every year more and more countries join the crypto community. ADAB is successfully developing and entering into new partnerships.

ADAB developed the first Islamic crypto exchange based on Sharia norms. This is a very important and necessary decision for millions of Muslims all over the world. Opportunity for those who want to buy ADAB cheaply before it lists on major exchanges. A great project.

It's very good that IOE has already been conducted. Now you just have to start trading and raise the price up

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A cool project. A good idea. I hope everything will work out.

The purpose of the ADAB Solutions project is the creation of a cryptocurrency platform, exchange and services that comply with the norms of the Sharia and operate on the principles of Islam.

ADAB Solutions will adhere to documents and procedures, prepared on the basis of a serious analysis, that regulate the company's work with crypto assets in accordance with the norms of Sharia.

ADAB team solves the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large

Excellent project idea with a great team to drive it

Redemption of tokens at a price not lower than the nominal value (prices for ICO). Perfectly!

Quite good updates for the development of #ADAB platform, it is immediately clear that the team is serious about their work and will achieve many of its goals, good luck in progress! My team always follow you up.

Congratulation to ADAB team successful finished of the IEO! This company has a great future, The company has already proved itself, an excellent team of professionals. Now waiting for the trading open.

Good roadmap. I analyzed the goals and event to achieve these ambitious targets. I think the team can realize these plans successfully because have all necessary possibility for this.

ADAB Solutions develops FICE, the first Islamic crypto exchange based on Sharia norms. According to the norms of Islamic ethics, it is true that the source of wealth is its own labor costs and entrepreneurial efforts.

Tokens buyback and burning is an amazing way to increase value of tokens and give a better returns to investors

A very competent and reasonable strategy to maintain the price and interest of users who will hold tokens, this platform will help the development of digital assets among many people!

Thank you for cool project! Good luck for your team, hope you will be sucsesful

This project has a unique concept, rich and clear road map, as well as an excellent team, which consists of real professionals

This company may be one of the best in the world in 2019. Join the big team of crypto enthusiasts.

The introduction of cryptocurrency to the islamic nation is a great move to the spread and adaptation of cryptocurrency. Kudos to the team

A great and intelligent aspect of the team's plan is token buyback. This gives immense opportunities for the token and proejcts to grow in leaps and bounds.

Project #ADAB– new standards for ease of operation, financial transactions and profitable investments, especially at the stage of #IEO.

ADAB Solutions develops FICE cryptocurrency exchange, the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that operates in accordance of Islamic law!

The Adab Solutions project has no analogues in the world. There is not a single cryptographic platform or a crypto exchange, which would guarantee activities based on Shariah law

The perfect embodiment of the idea! This team is very strong and does everything wisely, the project was a success!

A worthy competitor to the leading players of the market, offering more recent and promising solutions. Liked the review #ADAB - decided to learn more about the project.

Thank you for a great project. I hope the coin will seem itself only from the best side. I wish you only to move forward! Good luck to you.

The Adab solutions platform is indeed a project with potentials, project that will usher new investors into the cryptocurrency space, bringing in the Islamic investors reason being that most of them will invest here because of the Islamic principle of finance, here we see trust and and Transparency. The Adab token holds potential.

This project has a great future. In addition, the qualitative implementation of the platform inspires confidence. ADAB rapidly moving toward success and the transactions is in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.

The cryptocurrency market needs new values and new ethical standards of business management. Sharia principles can serve as a high benchmark and guarantee of honesty and security.

Adab is a very good project, a smart and useful project! Good luck for the whole team!

The project includes a modern web platform with up-to-date information for work. Pleased with the project #ADAB, offers attractive conditions for monetization of current technology.

Studied materials #ADAB is a great opportunity for investment. The company's ambitions are confirmed by independent assessments and positions of many market experts.

Adab solutions is a full fledged project that cut across various aspect of the cryptocurrency ecosy'stem which offers a everyone an opportunity to enjoy the crypto profits in the right way and manner

Blockchain technology allows you to look at the world with different eyes and opens up many new opportunities. ADAB Solutions is one of those projects that will help you do this.

the fact that tokens will be burned is a good decision, investors will definitely get their profit over time, and the exchange at this stage will receive good funding for the development and implementation of all plans

ADAB offers the first Islamic crypto exchange, which is fully compliant with Muslim standards. This is a unique opportunity to make your choice in favor of ADAB.

Absolutely thrilling technology and concept with real life solutions and applications. Adab Solutions will revolutionize the way blockchain and cryptocurrency is being viewed in the middle East and around the globe.

This team is hardworking and very dedicated to see thier dreams come true and I'm looked very closely at thier whitepaper and I'm very impressed

The Islamic Crypto Exchange is an alternative to investing in the cryptocurrency market, the main principles of which will be a ban on investments in gambling,financial pyramids offering immoral services, as well as in companies engaged in the production of liquor and tobacco products

Don't miss this #ADAB project with new technologies. Your idea is very interesting and will definitely benefit people, I support you 100%

Adab Solutions has a solid team that will surely lead the project to its success.

Indeed, ADAB solutions is very promising and have a great potential in the long run because they have good development plan for the project which is good.

No one doubt that ADAB Solutions has great potentiality and capacity enough to fulfill the need of the customers. The project will make a big stride in the field of crypto exchange.

I saw ADAB solutuion is really potential in this year so they having nice community , business model , team working and professional whitepaper ,.... That is a reason , i believe this project will be increase in the future.

Great plan, investors will be happy. Now the whole market is green. I think we're going to the moon.

I like ADAB Solutions for its commitment to ensure investment security and redemption of tokens at a price now lower than the normal ICO price. ICO price of ADAB token is 0.1 USD.

Great project Adab Solution with full potential! Perfect team is committed on a long term project! Brilliant idea from them. looking forward for the project, and more exchanges.

Don't miss your chance! The future for digital money. The project deserves an excellent rating! Recommend! #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

The ADAB Solutions Project has Very Good Prospects for Growth. Because the Company has a Good Financial Plan, according to which every month Platform will redeem of tokens and makes their immediate burning. Due to this, the Platform coins will constantly grow in value. Do not miss the chance to join a Successful Project !..

ADAB is really a very interesting project - one of the few in recent times! My recommendation to participate today! I am waiting for good news from the smart project team and wish you big profits!

great plan with buyout tokens! when every second token of projects falls to the bottom, your plan sounds very cool! I believe that you will be very successful!

The team of Adab project find solutions to the issues of aligning digital assets with Islamic teachings and tenets.

This is awesome, this article Broadened my knowledge about this great project that will bring the Mena region closer to cryptocurrency

Security and anonymity are two important factors of Crypto. Of course, there are very few places to help with security, hopefully ADAB will do well when it starts.

I am proud that I can participate in this project. This project has a very strong team. I am sure that the whole world will soon find out about this!

One of uniqueness of the ADAB Token is that it will be accepted as a means of payment for the products of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange and its partners.

The project continues to attract growing interest as a global audience and investor! This project has a very good plan The most important thing is to show all your investors and customers the value and importance of the product you are working on.

ADAB is a really project with huge potential. But not only potential. It already sucsessfull project, for my opinion.

In the stage of becoming acquainted with the ADAB project, I see that Adab will develop the first Islamic crypto exchange in the world that has upheld the law, sharia and norms in good Islamic religion, this is an opportunity for Muslims to participate in the purchase of ADAB tokens at relatively cheap prices ..

ADAB SOLUTION aims to be situated at Montenegro as it is is relatively low for support personnel and transaction cost. The country is known to be an excellent legal and regulatory framework.#adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Adab Solutions developed a unique platform FICE, which will fully meet the requirements of Islam for crypto-investments. I think in the near future capitalization of this Project will grow and bring profit to investors

The ADAB team sets achievable goals, and thanks to professionalism, the team always successfully implements them. Together with the ADAB team we enjoy great results!

The project, ADAB Solutions, has been good from all angles. It offers investment security, and abides by honesty and transparency. It also offers some percent of its profit to humanitarian work. Great project.

It is clear that the Adab team has responsibly approached the issue of the value of tokens. This seriously distinguishes the company from other projects, which for the most part do not think much about their investors, the payback of their investments.

Token burn has a way of improving the price of coins and the adab pattern will breed more confidence to holders and make for price stability. I am really excited.

success for adab solutions, stages passed and waiting for the next stage. the team has worked well, hopefully what is expected to be able to be achieved with satisfactory results. keep the spirit

Very interesting approach to avoid deflation of tokens. In the falling altcoin market, such measures are necessary to avoid a large dump.

This project sounds very interesting. A good idea, it would be great if it was implemented. I wish good luck and success to the team, let everything go according to the plan!

ADAB is a first of its kind platfrom ,this platfrom is organised to bring the muslims into the crypto currency world /market. ADAB draws its principle from the quaran and sunah

The project is very promising, interesting and necessary for society. The company should bring enough benefits to the world. I want to be a part of this event, I would like more people to know and join it.

The act of redemption ADAB and burning it will help total supply decrease and help ADAB price increase. The redemption of ADAB is not less than 0.1 USD, which is not lower than ADAB price when sold at ICO and IEO; do
ADAB has not dropped. The best project is here!

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