Identity & Content Verification as advised by Steemcleaners

in #id4 years ago (edited)

As many of you are aware there has been a lot of talk about having to prove who you say you are. Here is the original post by Steemcleaners

Someone has advised me to do a Heidi verification, I think that it is a long winded process to go through and I'm not great with photoshop but I gave it a go. Here is Heidi verifying I am @cryptofunk

Lets all do a Heidi verification to end all the arguments and bring the party back to Steem

Apologies to @heiditravels for singling you out


This is preposterous! Plagiarism and identity theft on the highest level!

I can tell this picture is shopped because I zoomed in really close on it, did some enhancing then zoomed in even more to enhance some more pixels and in the end, I conducted that by the reflection of the glasses I noticed the surroundings make no sense to other images provided by @heiditravels.

You are mistaken sir your photo enhancement software must be faulty! Heidi theft does not occur on the blockchain

hahahahaha you guys are too funny.
I went to read about steemcleaners and found this. We appreciate your verification @cryptofunk. Totally legit.