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So you are planning to invest in the ongoing Tezos ICO? Wait a moment! Have you done your due dilligence? Do not make the same mistake I made. I made a contribution of some ETH (about a 100 USD worth) to Tezos. It was after about 48hrs that my tokens refused to show up in Myetherwallet (MEW), that was when I was forced to go and read up on the Tezos website what could be responsible for the delay. Putting the cart before the horse!! right? I know it was a dumb thing to do and I take full responsibility for my action.
Initial coin offerings (ICO)are the new goldmine now and a lot of folks like me especially newbies do not want to miss out on this gold rush. The FOMO is real. I later discovered that there is a minimum contribution for the Tezos ICO; which is 0.1BTC or it equivalent ( that is about 0.915 ETH, roughly 250 USD). This is actually not my first ICO participation. I invested in Humaniq, Encryptotel, Monaco and Zerocoin. And i must confess the return on investment is quite huge. Except for my Encryptotel that I do not know what has become of it.
Life is all about taking risks, but it is good to take calculated risk and we all have different risk threshold, some folks are willing to risk more than others.
ICOs maybe the undoing of cryptocurrencies if this space remains unregulated and government may have an excuse to clampdown on this industry. The bubble might finally burst if the status quo remains. ICOs are propping up every minute nowadays. Charlatans and con artists are having a field day all in the name of ICOs. Most of this ICOs have no real world use, they are not adding any value to the industry other than the fact that they are after our hard earned money.
After reading some reviews about Tezos, i was not really so excited about it again, maybe if I had done my due dilligence, i will still have my 100 USD sitting in my wallet. This reminds me of the saying that a fool and his money are soon parted. lolz.
Please if anyone can help with any useful tips on how i can get my money back or my tokens, I will appreciate it. Thanks in anticipation.

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Great content!
Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome Sir

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Tezos Tezos is not affiliated with Ethereum and is not an ERC20 token so it isn't on MEW.
After you made your contribution you should have received email from Tezos with your Tezos Public key hash Insert your hash key here to see how many token you get.

How do you have access to your token? is it possible to already trade the IOU on Hit BTC?