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RE: ICO Review Series #5: Aventus, a grand plan to mend the Ticketing industry

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Excellent reviews. I just went through all 5. Really, really appreciate the level of research you are doing and the care you take in sharing information in the ICO space. I try to do my best to do the same on my channel at times, but after seeing these I need to step my game up. :)
Kudos my friend keep up the great work!

Couple things:
*Looking at these breakdowns I would love to know which coins you are currently a fan of for the long term growth (even better ones that will have long term with short term pops)?
*Thoughts on Pillar, OxProject, and Poppy ICOs coming up?

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Thank you Starsteem, appreciate your feedback and comment.

I am a big fan of Steem (obviously) + I have invested in Golem and Maidsafe, although they are long term.

I have also been a big fan of Wagerr and if they do what they said they will in due time, it may be a good bet.

I will look at the ICOs you pointed out and see if anything intrigues me. I will reference your name if I do pick any for review! thank you once again!

Sorry forgot to ask whether or not your interest in Blocktix? You referenced them and I liked what I saw in their whitepapers. I usually get locked in to the ICOs I researched. For example I like Skin, but after reading your post on Monsterball, I think I will have to throw half of what I was going to do on skin and the other half now on Monsterball. I am wondering if I should be looking at the same arrangement with Blocktix and Aventus.
Thanks again!

Blocktix seemed promising but it had already started when I picked Aventus...that is why I had referenced it.

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