The easiest way to get allocation!

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Over 35,000 people have signed up to our whitelist. Wow! We are overwhelmed with the level of interest in our crowdsale lottery. In this article, we want you to have the best chance of participating in our crowdsale!

With the size of allocation via our lottery being just 0.4 ETH and having a huge number of people signed up to the lottery, unfortunately, the chances of winning allocation are now slim.

Our Proof of Love program can provide significantly larger allocation sizes. But we want to give you the inside track on how to get the best chance of receiving allocation with very little effort. Here is how you can do this:

At this moment in time, it is still very easy to make it into our top 1,000 participants - all of whom will receive a 2 ETH allocation this Sunday on June 17th.

All you have to do is two things:
1) Follow us on social media:
2) Try out our no code software platform.

That's it!

To get started, simply:

  1. Visit and sign up.
  2. Complete the walkthrough of our platform on the left hand side of that page. You will need to do all 6 to make it into the top 1,000.
  3. Sign into and follow us on all our social media accounts.

You have to make it into, and stay in the top 5,000 to earn guaranteed allocation, but the simple steps above will get you into the top 1,000 right now.

There's another significant benefit to completing the walkthrough though. The walkthrough will give you enough points to qualify for our bronze reward tier, and this tier qualifies for a share of our FREE tokens. So not only will this greatly increase your chances of receiving allocation in the crowdsale, you'll earn free SPARK tokens too!

With only 2 days left until we announce the winners of our Proof of Love program and assign guaranteed allocations, expediency is important. All our crowdsale participants will be selected this Sunday at midnight GMT (June 17th).

Thank you again for your interest in Sparkster, your support and enthusiasm has been truly moving to everyone involved!

Sajjad Daya


way to go sparkster. I tried the walkthrough and it was epic. :)

i tried there plat form, the walk though was easy, but it got difficult as i proceed with the task, i think the claim is not correct 100 % if any non IT can use there platform with out training as over all experience was good.

Proof of love is boring procedure purpose is only create hype in crypto market. make it simple as possible as u can it is necessary in present scenario.

Sparkster is a great project. I'm very confident that it will be in the top 100 soon. Good Job.

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I have earned 550 points

Nice project

Dope can’t wait for crowdsale 💯

This is great project. I love it

such a poor bounty website with bugs all around and then you say you do 50k tps !
fool and fomo the noobs ;)

TPS has nothing to do with buggy bounty.It's just a overload that their website is facing because of huge numbers of clicks.Give them some time and you will come appreciating them once everything is settled.

I agree bounties are really badly managed. There was lot of bugs in the first days. Some people sent duplicate or fake data and got an insane score. For instance, look at the first guy on the leaderboard. He got 26k in less than 3 days, which is impossible without cheating (e.g. if you organized an event, created a highly popular video, etc. you cannot get this score).

There are also issues with explanations which are really not clear. Additionally, referral points are not distributed since days even if invited people have the required 200 points.

The bounty program is really fucked. Other than that, I like the project and hope the best.

His score is legitimate. He earned his score finding serious critical bugs.

You mean about 50 serious critical bugs?

Sparkster, thumbs up This is a very scarce project you will ever find in the global front. Such bounties are very…

ok! very good

Very good innovative.

Nice Project

amazing solution. good luck

  1. From your comment it does not seem you have any idea bout what is being raised here. the bugs have nothing to do with the high number of clicks.
    2)If a company can not make a proper website which even a college grad can make these days you want me to believe they are gonna do 50k tps which very few projects have achieved in the entire world?
    The way you do ONE thing is the way you do EVERYTHING.

Brilliant- please subscribe to my work- I wrote an excellent in-debt article on your project

Small allocation size, however, it is understandable as crowdsale is over subscribed.

I like this project

congrats thats awesome i just participate on your bounty program
I hope i can write a blog for sparkster soon

SHows how popular you guys are

Sparkster, thumbs up
This is a very scarce project you will ever find in the global front.
Such bounties are very difficult to regulate but once everything is done it gonna be great.
Sparkster all the way!!

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