Alfa-Enzo - World's First Decentralized SmartMarket

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he banking structures have found a high potential for blockchain technologies for a long time. Today they are included in the accounting reporting systems, successfully implemented in the data storage area. Crypto currency is confidently entering the world business.

Nevertheless, there are still many problems in the sphere. The first is the speed of transactions. In everyday life today it is incomparably more convenient to buy something with the help of VISA and MasterCard. Crypto-currencies have not yet become a means of calculating the goods and services of daily consumption. And, the last – often it is very difficult for us to buy this or that crypto-currency coin. Often, people who are really interested in the ability to have and use crypto currency can not take possession of it.

The essence of the project

ALFA ENZO is a blockchain-platform that has set itself the task of becoming the premiere of the global crypto-currency market with the help of its own ecosystem EON (ENZO OPEN NETWORK). EON is an open source ecosystem that can provide day-to-day functionality.
Also, the creators have repeatedly stated about the wide functionality. Wide personal services will be available, a unique system of evidence of activity, as well as encrypted chat and messaging options. All this will reliably protect P2P transactions inside the system.

Ecosystem of the project Alfa-Enzo

– the main portal of Alfa. With its help, users, if they want to monetize activities, will be able to connect to EON. It is planned that when the “critical mass” is reached, Alfa will become a global distributed OS.
– Push is a completely independent advertising and marketing platform.
– Wallet – is required to simplify the interface of the platform and manage the crypt for everyday operations. In general, this module is in all dApp, built on EON.


In total, there are 21 billion NZO tokens in the system. The upper limit of fees is $ 100 million, the lower one is $ 25 million. The project has a rather low entry threshold – only 0.01 ETH is enough for investing. You can buy coins for ETH, BTC, BCH and fiat funds. The project is registered in the Cayman Islands and has no restrictions in any country in the world.
Pre-sale. From August 3 to September 30. 1 token equivalent to 0.005 dollar.
ICO. During the main sales period, 1 NZO is set at 1 US cent. The stage will begun on October 1 and will end no later than October 17.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 60% (12.6 billion tokens) share of sales;
– 10% (2.1 billion tokens) share of the team;
– 25% (5.25 billion) will go into foundation;
– 5% (1.05 billion coins) reserve.

Distribution of investments:

– 60% development;
– 15% research pool, technology development;
– 20% allocated to business issues;
– 5% pool of legal issues.


The creation of the platform involves a group of professional developers who have been working in the team for a very long time. On their account a number of successful projects. Recognizable throughout the world. The site lists 6 team members, 5 advisors and 9 extremely popular Instagram models that supported the project.

Social networks

At the moment (September 5), in the official group of Telegram there are 2,844 subscribers, Twitter – 1060, Facebook – 9198, youtube – 193. The project also leads an active blog in Medium.


Campaigns started on July 24 and will end on October 22. A total of 50 million tokens have been allocated, which is equivalent to 500,000 dollars at the rate of the crowdsale. Distribute funds as follows:
– 5% downloads of applications;
– 12% of participants’ pool on Twitter;
– 10% share of support in FB;
– 30% allocated to articles and media;
– 5% share of transfers and moderation;
– 8% Telegram pool;
– 30% subscription campaigns in Bitcointalk.


The project started back in 2016, when Fluid Time was developed and launched. In 2017, Black Paper was published, which contains an international patent. The team was engaged in the development of an open network Enzo. As of 2018, the project has several Alfa versions, a Push and Valet presentation. Next year, this process will continue. The development of EON OS will start only in 2022, as well as the creation of EON Phone. The next year the team expects to officially submit working versions of these two projects.

Advantages of ALFA ENZO:

– Usefulness. According to the creators of the project, the crypto currency is created not only for storage and speculation, the range of application of tokens should be wide;
– Openness. Developers give a guarantee that with the capabilities of the system’s cryptocurrency, anyone, even a beginner in the world of technology blockchain will be able to understand it;
– Availability. Interested users will always have access to information and technology.




Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


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I read about the project. I think it's interesting and promising.

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strong project with interesting idea. How much raised?

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projects which respect for people, they are in 99% of shoots. Thanks

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