Here at A token driven mining company , we pride ourselves on having one super team

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Here at A token driven mining company (, we pride ourselves on having one super team. Our leaderships - are seasoned professionals, Jacobus Donkersloot and Damian Strauss. They are founders and management Fintech Capital B.V., wich is a 100% subsidiary of Securix.

We have take our investors’ commitment to Securix very seriously, so our founders are also highly committed to Securix—and we’ve already signed contracts for our location, and for the necessary electrical upgrades.

With our head office located in Dubai and mining facility based in the Netherlands, Securix is uniquely positioned for success in running the most efficient mining operation possible.

To learn more about ( and our fantastic team members, you can check out our whitepaper!


The team behind any project can be one of the most critical factor for its success. In the past we have seen experts and professionals people backing projects in the world of ICO but many of them got selfish and greed creep in resulting into chaos and death of projects. I am sure that Securix is aware of this and will never allow such a thing to happen...

Keep sharing great content and I'll keep coming here to read it :)

The project in my opinion is very reliable, they have their own product

Great design. Big company. I'm also participating in the campaigns through the Stox website, because I believe a lot in this project !!! Congratulations to the whole team !!!

Thank you for sharing this very intersting article

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The team is the heart of the project. I have analyzed this project and I am 100% sure of it

i like that you are not promising some 100000% ROIs like some other ICO projects. Seems good for me.

This is a great project that is popular.

Great job, I love it ! I am sure it is promising and will be useful for people , thank you !

I am sure this project will achieve the highest results in the blockchain! #securix #ICO #Crowdsale

I dream about a good world where there will be all is well, all will live in peace and harmony, where and they will be friends! Found out about this company and realized that the world was not lost, would recommend !

This is an greatly interesting initiative which originated out of my home country the netherlands! Would like to wish the team all the best during the tokensale.


An interesting project with a very promising idea and a serious look into the future.Great success to the winning team!

Excellent team
One of the most important factors in the success of any project

Featuring an operationally ready product, an eco-conscious energy program, and the innovative asset-backed SRXIO token, Securix is offering enhanced value and a differentiated product versus cloud mining operations

good post hi I follow you follow and vote back me

Owning the Securix SRXIO token will provide a guaranteed monthly
share of gross revenues from the physical token mining operations.
The SRXIO token is very unique, generating a monthly passive income regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!

For the community, such projects are needed, the mining capacities are not in China. Good luck to the project.

I long for a decent existence where there will be everything is great, all will live in peace and agreement, where and they will be companions! Gotten some answers concerning this organization and understood that the world was not lost, would prescribe !

This project is appreciated highly on many resources, the potential is big.

All of the team members have many years of relevant experience. Which inspires confidence in me as an investor and should be a good indicator for others to invest.

I think that this project has a strong team, which has experience for future development, this is a good project for investment

Blockchain technology will survive. Cryptocurrencies are still being fought but the technolgy they came from will continue to grow in adoption as time passes.

I really like this project, I hope the team will succeed and the project will occupy the highest positions.

The project goes to the final straight! I advise anyone who hasn't purchased tokens to do so as soon as possible. Do not miss your chance!

The team behind the project is very experienced and hardworking. The efforts of the team will make the project successful.

Day by day this project getting more attentions…

I believe in this necessary project and advise everyone to join.

I am interested in your project, I will closely follow you and recommend you to my friends, good luck in implementing the idea.

projects that will change the future The vision of this project is very large, it is very potentially very valuable to call it the best project

Really a great team behind a great project.
Well done!!!

Very interesting and promising project

On your actions it is visible that you are ready very seriously for advance of the product and you will shortly take the place in the cryptocurrency world

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