Sparkster- A Basic Introduction

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With the fast-moving pace in our current technological world, the ability to use and create software is now a required skill. But a lot of people are still behind, lacking the skill and expensive education to actually fulfill the demands of this current times. Hence a bridge is needed to close these gaps and that is where Sparkster comes in.

Sparkster is a blockchain platform that makes decentralized software building very easy without writing codes. The developers see software development as a basic skill everyone should have like reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. Sparkster is a blockchain asset that you can't choose to ignore; programmers and non-programmers will love it. Their drive is found in their mission which is of inclusion, collaboration, and progress and to make sure no one gets left behind.


  1. Create a blockchain protocol that helps develop software without code.
  2. Release tools so smart and simple that everyone can relate with.
  3. Support the next generation of makers.
  4. Help accelerate blockchain adoption by greatly increasing scalability of blockchain (10 million transactions per second, eliminate communication overhead and transaction parallelizing).

Basically, in Sparkster platform all you have to do is drop and connect building blocks in a visual and intuitive way, and they (Sparkster) will generate the codes behind the scenes. Easy!
Sparkster is built on the concept of a human cell. Once a human cell is created, it becomes independent. Think of it as a father that shares His asset amongst His two sons. The asset can only generate 10,000 per second but when split amongst His two sons, each can work to generate 10,000 each thereby summing up to 20,000 per second. Just that in the case of Sparkster the Father is the genesis block, the assets are information (or data) and the asset income is processing speed. This is how the platform intends to achieve 10 million TPS, eliminate communication overhead and transaction parallelizing.

There are loads of advantages but I’ll mention a few:

  1. User-friendly interface: Sparkster platform is designed in a way that anyone can relate with. Its interface is basically built around two movements (drag and drop), you can build software in simple and understandable languages and also have it hosted in a cloud decentralized. I tried their walkthrough programme and it was very easy and smooth. They provide a guide and quick response that helps you achieve your desired expectation
  2. Team: Sparkster comprises of experienced executives with years of experience to speak for them. The team pose experience from different tech companies around the world such as Cisco, IBM, HSBC, NBC Universal, AT & T, Citi just to mention a few. The expert advice is coming from Professor Gary Leavens (Chair of Computer science Department, UCF) and Juan Albelo (Senior Vice President, SAP).
  3. Test run/Demo: You have the opportunity to test their platform for free and once you are confident of your new found skill, you can now try them on business problems. You have the opportunity to upgrade your account to licensed account with a small fee.
  4. 10 MILLION TPS: Sparkster wishes to answer the question of processing speed poking the blockchain system. Their decentralized cloud platform will be hosting millions of users and will provide tens of millions of transactions per second. This will be a huge boost to the whole blockchain system and could foster its adoption.
  5. Sparkster is out to eliminate communication overhead and transactions parallelizing. If these things are achieved, it will make Sparkster a sort for project in the blockchain space.

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Sparkster is a great project. I'm so glad I joined.


Same here sire. The future of Sparster is so bright...

this presents a wonderful opportunity to aspiring app developers

I am happy many projects are taking on one of the factors impeding mass adoption of blockchain technology:scalability. Sparkster's quest to achieve this with a platform that allows persons to build apps or other protocols without necessarily using code seems a novel approach and its a major reason why i would be taking a very close look at this project.


Yea sire... Sparkster has a bright future with the kind of solution they profer for blockchain scalability

Am loving this

amazing campaign sparkster got there.
am glad am in too

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