Gear up for Project Shivom's Main Sale

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11. declaring value of fund raised after milestone-01.png

Thanking all our supporters for making the #Presale an enormous success. Now something more exciting is that the Shivom Main Sale is round the corner. So gear up for Project Shivom's Main Sale commencing from May 3rd and running until May 10th . Mark these dates now.


Exquisite project.. Running on Steemit bounty.. Cheers!!

hi Shivom is a great project. I actually wrote a blog review about it check it out on my blog and drop me a follow if you want to read more :)

I think that Shivom will reach hardcap before 10th May.

Hugely successful

A unique and empowering Project, Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary changemakers in biotechnology, healthcare industry, and government-ordained research institutes and contribute to an unprecedented era of medical marvels.

#OMX #ProjectShivom #Blockchain #healthcare #genomics #cryptocurrency

Another major obstacle in genomic data sequencing is diversity. As it stands, the majority of genomic data in public databases comes from those with the means to obtain pricey DNA kits, which makes it unavailable to many.

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

Great Shivom- ICO boom boom

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